2 brothers shot dead by candidate for Iloilo city council – Manila bulletin

2 brothers shot dead by a candidate for mayor of Iloilo

CITY OF ILOILO – Two brothers were killed by a man who was running for a seat on the municipal council of Ajuy, in the province of Iloilo.

Ajuy City Philippine National Police (PNP) identified the suspect as Ronald Causing, a 50-year-old candidate from Pili village.

Causer reportedly shot dead his two neighbors: Edmon Articulo, 36, and Ramon Articulo, 22, on the night of December 8.

According to a police investigation, the brothers were said to have been drunk and making noise outside Causing’s home. The brothers are said to have made statements alluding to the fact that one person runs, but will not win.

This prompted Causing to come out and shoot the Articulo brothers.

Police learned that there was a grudge between Causing and the two Articulo brothers that spanned several years.

Causing had previously filed a blotter report with Ajuy police to report that the brothers attempted to engage him in a fight.

Meanwhile, Causing is still at large.



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