2021 Candidate Profile: Donohue Running For Orangetown City Council


PEARL RIVER, NY – In the 2021 general election, residents of the Hudson Valley will vote for local elected officials. In anticipation, Patch has asked candidates in contested races to answer questions about their campaigns and will post candidate profiles as Election Day approaches.

Brian Donohue is running for election to Orangetown city council in November. Donohue, 49, is a partner in a home health care business focused on independent living for the elderly, and also a teaching assistant in the Clarkstown School District. Prior to that, he spent 20 years at Bear Stearns / JPMorgan, culminating as Managing Director of the Institutional Equity Trading Division. He lives in Pearl River with his family.

Orangetown voters will occupy two seats on city council. Current board member Denis Troy is not running for re-election. Donohue joins incumbent Thomas Diviny on the Republican and Conservative lines on the ballot and Lisa DeFeciani is running on the Democratic line.

Learn more about Donohue on his campaign site.

Check out the full Patch Q&A with Brian Donohue:

Why are you looking for an elective position?

I am an 18 year old resident of Pearl River. My wife and I raised our three children here, and if they want to live here in the future, I want to make sure that Orangetown remains affordable for them and for all of our families. We have a lot of challenges that our city and our county face. Taxes being one of them, zoning is another. With a background in business, I will work tirelessly to keep Orangetown under the tax ceiling, ensure responsible development and work with businesses to introduce new tax rates.

The most pressing problem our city faces is _______, and that’s what I intend to do about it.

Taxes and zoning. Under the guidance of Supervisor Kenny, City Councilor Diviny and City Council, Orangetown has remained under the tax cap every year. Their conservative approach to governance must continue to ensure that taxes do not increase. I will use my finance background to find savings in the budget, including our debt service, to keep taxes low. Additionally, we need to complete our master plan to make sure every hamlet in the city is zoned appropriately and our city code is up to date. In Albany, New York City Democrats are pushing to eliminate local zoning control and end single-family neighborhoods. I will work with MP Lawler to fight this and make sure it does not happen.

What are the critical differences between you and other candidates for this position?

I have never applied for public office before or have never been involved in politics. I spent twenty years of my career in finance, before becoming a partner in a home care business, where we take care of our seniors and help them live in their homes with assistance. In addition, I am an assistant teacher in the Clarkstown School District. I will use my experience in business, working with our elders and our children, and I will fight for what is best for our community.

If you are a challenger, how has the current board or incumbent let the community down?

I think the current council has done a tremendous job of keeping taxes low, keeping our city safe and ensuring responsible development. Under the strong Republican leadership of the board, Orangetown has remained a great place to live, work and raise a family. If elected, I will work closely with Supervisor Kenny, City Councilor Diviny, City Councilor Valentine and City Councilor Bottari to move this town in the right direction.

How do you think the local authorities reacted to the coronavirus? What if something would you have done differently?

Supervisor Teresa Kenny and City Council have done a great job in keeping our city well informed locally and have worked tirelessly with our state officials to ensure Orangetown has the resources to keep our city safe. our residents. In addition, our core workers – our police, firefighters, EMS staff, nurses, doctors, road and sewer services and many more – have done a fantastic job serving our community under such circumstances. difficult. It was a great team effort.

Describe the other issues that define your campaign platform.

As a partner in a small business, I believe that economic growth is essential for any community, especially in Orangetown. I will work to attract new businesses to our existing commercial properties to create jobs and increase our tax rates. In collaboration with the town planning and zoning councils, we will ensure that any new development is carried out in a responsible manner. In addition, we must preserve Orangetown by protecting open spaces, improving our park and creating new recreational opportunities for our residents.

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as proof that you can handle this job?

I had a successful 20 year career with Bear Stearns / JPMorgan, where I culminated as Managing Director of the Training Program right after graduation. Part of my responsibility was to negotiate fair transactions with our bank’s customers that benefit both parties. In 2017, launched a reputable company serving Rockland and Orangetown, providing over 50 jobs to our local economies. I am confident that I will use these skills to ensure a balanced approach to business development and land use, and to ensure that the voices of our residents are always at the forefront in these discussions.

The best advice ever shared with me was:

Learn from your mistakes and, more importantly, learn from others. It is a luxury to know the mistakes that you can avoid by being aware.

What would you like voters to know about yourself and your positions?

I have been a resident of Orangetown for 18 years and am grateful for what this town has given to our family. I will do my best to protect Orangetown for future generations. In addition, I have received numerous mentions from organizations such as Rockland County PBA, IBEW Local 363, The MTA PBA, State Association of PBA’s (representing over 40,000 police officers), Preserve Rockland and Orangetown, and the Hudson Valley 10 -13 Association that provides the health and well-being needs of members of the police. I am grateful for the support.

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