After back and forth, Saugerties gun show canceled by city council

SAUGERTIES, NY (NEWS10) — A gun show scheduled to be held this weekend in Saugerties was officially canceled by the city council Wednesday night. The show, organized by New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates, was to be held at the city-owned Kiwanis Rink.

Originally on the agenda to reimburse the gun show organizer for the process, a council member proposed an amendment to allow the show instead to continue. This amendment failed shortly after a decisive non-vote by the city supervisor.

Wednesday’s vote comes after a back-and-forth between the organizer, NEACA, and the city. Following a series of mass shootings, including the Buffalo and Uvalde tragedies, there were conversations between the police chief, the city supervisor and the organizer about the cancellation of the event, which briefly occurred.

In an announcement canceling the show, David Petronis, President of NEACA, said, “Given the recent events of gun violence here in New York and the tragic event in Texas, continuing with this show has been irresponsible and insensitive to anyone who has recently lost loved ones.

However, shortly after this decision was made, the organizer announced that it was trying to allow the show, which had been contractually approved to take place at the city’s facilities, to continue as planned this weekend. coming end, a position supported by many who spoke at the meeting. public comment period.

“This is not the first time this gun show has been held in Saugerties. It has been here, and many other places, for years, years without incident,” said one speaker, who spoke on behalf of many vendors who were planning to attend this weekend’s event.

“I have each of my neighbors, they own a gun. They’ll come back and shoot legally, but they’re not going to run up and shoot somebody, because they all know how to handle it safely, and that’s what you talk about with people who go to a gun show” , added another who supported the gun show.

Meanwhile, those on the other side of the argument have expressed concerns about recent events, the holding of a gun show on city property and the proximity of a school and grounds. games.

“We must pay tribute to these victims and their families, because we too live in a small town that supports its youth. Now is not the time to have a gun show in front of our high school or next to our soccer fields where games are played with children and families,” a member of Mothers said. Request Action.

“This is an epidemic. Why on earth would we want to risk that even one of these deaths could be linked to a firearm that was sold in Saugerties, on property of the town of Saugerties,” another said. nobody.

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