Aiken City Council to Discuss New Water Plant and Zoning Monday | local government

Aiken City Council will only have a few things on their plate at Monday’s meeting.

One of those items involves a request to sell $4.5 million revenue bonds to “pursue the planning, engineering and design” of Aiken’s planned new water plant.

“These bonds would be pledged against revenues from our water system, and the Board’s rate adjustment schedule gives us sufficient funding to make these payments and, if the Board so chooses, could be rolled into the global bond issue that we would do once we are ready to build a new water plant next year,” the agenda notes read.

The plant will cost around $42 million and construction will begin by mid-2023, according to the agenda notes.

Another item involves a request to rezone the property at 712 Chafee Lane SW from single-family residence to limited business.

Diane Padgett is the petitioner on behalf of the property owner, NLA LLC.

A single family residence is located on the property. The property owner also owns the property adjacent to 702 Chafee Lane SW, which is zoned limited business and developed for office use, according to the agenda notes.

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The offices of Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and John Harte, Solicitor, are located at 702 Chafee Lane SW

“These two properties are side by side, and we want to have control over both properties for convenience, accessibility and to combine parking,” reads a note from the owners in the diary.

The note also states that Eclipse has no customers or partners coming into the office, so there would be no traffic issues, as only employees would enter.

Rezoning 712 Chafee Lane SW to Limited Professional would allow the landlord to convert the residence into offices and move some of the offices currently located at 702 Chafee Lane SW to 712 Chafee Lane SW.

The Aiken Planning Commission unanimously recommended this rezoning at its February 15 meeting.

Four letters from residents close to the subject property wrote emails opposing the rezoning, which were included in the agenda notes.

City Council meets downtown at the Municipal Building, 214 Park Ave. SW Meetings are open to the public and are streamed live on the city’s YouTube page,

The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. Monday. There is no executive session or work session scheduled.

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