Albemarle Board of Directors Approves 40-Cent Cigarette Tax | Local government


In September, Albemarle’s board of directors became the first body in the region to vote to join the Blue Ridge Cigarette Tax Board, which will handle the administration of its eventual cigarette tax ordinance. Since then, the counties of Greene, Fluvanna, Nelson, Orange, Madison and Augusta and the city of Charlottesville have all approved ordinances to join the cigarette tax council.

Charlottesville has the highest tax rate of member localities at 55 cents per packet, while, so far, Augusta has the lowest at 15 cents per packet.

The Cigarette Tax Council will begin meeting on October 26, and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission will manage the council. Jian Lin, head of the Albemarle tax administration, will be the county representative on the board.

David Blount, deputy director and legislative director of the TJPDC, said the council will also deal with compliance, enforcement and education.

“I think, especially in the initial start of the new tax in the region on cigarettes, there will be a lot of education and awareness among retailers and the community at large that we want to do,” he said. -he declares.

According to TJPDC’s estimates, the one-time costs of the cigarette tray would be around $ 212,650 for technology and equipment, a vehicle for the application, a reserve and other start-up costs, which would be distributed among the companies. localities concerned.

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