Auroville Foundation reconstitutes the city council, the heritage commission | Pondicherry News

PUDUCHERRY: The Auroville Foundation Board of Trustees has reconstituted the Auroville City Development Council (ATDC) and the Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC) to bring transparency, accountability and transparency. productive use of the various assets of Auroville – an international canton in the making – – with the effective participation of local residents.
The decision to reconstitute ATDC and FAMC was taken by the Organization and Governance Committee (OGC), which was set up by the Board of Directors at its 58th meeting in January this year, said a statement from the foundation.
“The OGC has reviewed the minutes of the board meetings, the audit reports and the recommendations of the finance committee of the Auroville Foundation. The OGC has recommended bringing more transparency, responsibility and productive use of the various assets of Auroville with the effective participation of the residents of Auroville Auroville OGC recommended to reconstitute the FAMC, which is now done OGC also recommended to reconstitute the ATDC for which a standing order has been issued, replacing the former standing order,” the statement read.
The foundation has issued a Board Order for the appointment of new ATDC members under the revised standing order. ATDC and FAMC members include residents of Auroville.
“The reconstitution of the FAMC aims to realize the vision of the Mother (revolutionary freedom fighter turned spiritual leader spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo) of a self-sufficient commune without internal exchange of money and with a collective support system to which the Mother had given the name ‘The reconstituted FAMC will also be entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with regulations and legal requirements while bringing greater transparency and accountability.
“The reconstituted ATDC is mandated to accelerate the planning and development of Auroville Township with the support of internal and external Auroville experts and the active participation of Auroville residents,” the statement said.
ATDC had been established by the Board of Directors for the Planning, Development and Construction of Auroville Township in accordance with the Auroville Master Plan. The FAMC had been created by the Board of Directors for the management of the funds and assets of the Auroville Foundation.

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