Banbury City Council raises blue and yellow flag in support of Ukraine showing ‘disgust’ with Putin

The Ukrainian flag hangs next to the Union Jack above Banbury Town Hall

The show of support comes as Russian armed forces attempt to take control of Ukraine in a war that is growing in ferocity.

The blue and yellow floodlights that illuminate City Hall after dark have been shining for a week and now the raising of the Ukrainian national flag adds a daytime signal that Banbury stands firmly with the beleaguered state, said the municipal Council.

Banbury City Council leader Kieron Mallon said: “We are doing what we can to show our disapproval of (Vladimir) Putin’s war and are joining other towns across the country and around the world in posting visible signs of our support for Ukraine and our disgust for the Russian leader.

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Residents of the Banbury area have expressed a strong wish to help the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the effect is being felt on civilians, many of whom have attempted to flee the country as refugees.

The Polish community has received tons of humanitarian aid for humanitarian efforts on behalf of its neighbors in Ukraine, but this week has focused on medicines and hospital equipment needed for the injured and mothers giving birth.

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