Banks City Council adopts work plan

Here are some of the projects the city’s elected leaders plan to tackle in the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Banks Town Hall. Photo: Brenda Schaffer

The city adopted its 2022-23 work plan, which resulted from the annual Banks City Council retreat that took place in February.

“This is elegantly written again,” Mayor Stephanie Jones joked at the March 8 city council meeting.

The board work plan focuses on the board’s goals for the coming year: planning for sustainable growth, managing resources, providing community services, projects focused on maintaining a safe community, increased opportunities for residents and habitability.

The work plan was developed throughout 2021 by Banks City Councilors who listened to concerns and feedback from citizens, business owners, task forces, committee members and neighborhood associations regarding what they would like to see in their community.

Some projects are temporary and are completed at the end of the year, while others become annual or ongoing projects that span many years, the plan says.

The plan includes the Banks Vision 2037 plan, which contains actions from recommendations made in 2017. These include the recognition and construction of three district districts called Southtown, Mid-town and the Historic District, with Commerce Street being considered as part of the city center.

It would create new streetscapes and improvements along Main Street, and construct a new public multi-use plaza as a community visitor center connecting Main Street to the new developable lands of the urban growth boundary on the west side.

The city plans to set new standards and develop subsequent city codes for commercial structures specific to each of the three planned neighborhoods, as well as new industrial spaces, and continue on the path to becoming a destination city for trails and trails. recreation by creating new track start opportunities.

The city also included in the work plan a previously established roadmap for 2018 to 2023 that included developing adequate housing, creating local jobs, improving the vibrancy of Main Street and boosting tourism.

Bringing broadband options to banks is also a city goal and it is exploring provider options, researching financing options, working in partnership with other local agencies and considering hiring a consultant to help and manage the project, all of which would be paid from the city’s general fund.

City officials also plan to update the parks master plan, water master plan and transportation master plan. The municipal work plan estimates the cost of updating all three to be between $175,000 and $225,000.

The work plan is on the city’s website and is to read here.

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