Camillus neighbors question the city council during a public hearing on the manure pit project

CAMILLUS, NY (WSYR-TV) – There was no standing again until Tuesday night at the Camillus Municipal Building as neighbors gathered for a public hearing regarding a proposed $4 million manure storage unit. gallons to build on the Hourigan family farm.

The city council decides whether to enact a local law that would change the zoning bylaws allowing them to conduct their own review of the proposed manure pit site plan.

And neighbors asked the city council many questions about whether the Hourigans had already provided the geologist’s report, cow manure tests or the last proposed location for the pit.

The town council answered no to all of the above questions, adding that the only plan they received places the manure pit outside the Hourigans’ farm, which breaches a 22-year-old conservation easement. .

“Why did the town of Camille, as the beneficiary of the easement agreement, not simply notify Mr. Hourigan that the proposed plans that have been submitted to date to construct the lagoon are at the outside the farm area?” asked resident Lynn Connors, to which the council did not hear a response.

Other residents prepared with their own research, with Sasha Straub reviewing the recent May 2022 draft of the Onondaga County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan.

“On page 95 of this draft it is stated that CAFOs are a burden on the community and are not desirable. Our own county does not support manure lagoons,” she said.

The city council supervisor declined to comment after the meeting, instead referring us to the city attorney who was not present at the meeting. NewsChannel 9 contacted the city attorney several times on Tuesday, but did not hear back. The Hourigans also declined our requests for on-camera comment.

The public comment period will continue until the next City Council meeting on July 26. The council plans to vote on the local law at the end of this meeting. If you want to learn more about the project or make a public comment, click here.

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