Candor Town Board Member Brixey Resigns | New

At the June 14 regular meeting of the Candor Town Council; The resignation of Board Member Jim Brixey has been accepted by the Board, effective June 30, 2022.

Brixey said, “I appreciate the privilege of serving on this board; it was a learning experience. Supervisor Bill Strosahl thanked him for his service on the board.

Curtis Hammond, Director of Operations; Candor EMS was on hand to report that they had received 48 activations in the past month; and 36 of the calls were billable. The Candor EMS is currently doing well with this year’s budget, but is reworking the numbers for next year’s budget. The Medicaid reimbursement rate is an item under review; EMS receiving only $300 per call; and the price of gas and maintenance on the rise.

Hammond reported that the payroll is “right on the mark,” but the cost of preparation is a struggle; and New York State is increasing the cost of health insurance by 13%. Asked by the board, Hammond said only five EMS employees were insured through them.

New York State requested that a document be written by the Candor EMS on how they handle it in Candor. The state provides no funding for EMS services, deeming them unnecessary. It is also a problem in many other states.

Only one bid has been received to carry out the necessary repairs to the Candor Town Hall roof, which is to be completely dismantled and redone. An offer from Jeff Rockwell for $53,412 was accepted by the board.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee report indicates that they are working on replacing benches in front of Candor Town Hall as well as reviewing a few picnic tables; a type accessible to the physically handicapped. Patti Reichert, board member, committee member, was given permission to examine the benches and picnic tables, spending about $3,500.

Strosahl reported that the septic tank had been connected to the toilets in the Candor townhouse, but the water still needed to be connected.

The road committee reported that the organized tire cleanup at Candor had gone well with the town having a full tractor-trailer load and collecting over 300 tires; and electronics cleaning in the village hasn’t gotten as far as last year.

Highways Superintendent Kevin Noble said his department is gearing up to pave in July and early August.

Dog Control Officer Denise Liske was on hand at the request of Board Member Nancy Rader to better review and explain the many reports the state and county expect from her work. Liske explained that every report called must be logged and categorized into five categories, and more. Often, Liske has 50 to 60 pages of reports to submit, and Rader has requested that she email them to him.

Ed Evans presented the Planning Board report and spoke about Tom McCarty, Director of State Emergency Management, meeting with the Candor Board in June and how he is helping them update the Candor Emergency Plan. Candor. The planning board also hopes to involve the Candor Village Council as well as the Candor School Board in updating the plan.

Candor’s August planning board meeting has been canceled due to many people not being able to attend.

As part of old business, the board is considering putting funds back into the Candor Historical Society budget for next year, but is currently considering donating funds now for renovations the society is working to do. at the Candor History Center. Strosahl introduced a motion to fund $25,000 to the Historical Society Now to help with the renovation, and the board approved. Board member Rader also asked for more information about the projects the company is working on.

Strosahl reported that the town of Candor received more than $59,000 in sales tax revenue this year.

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