Carmarthen town hall is looking for a new clerk

Carmarthen Town Hall is seeking to appoint a new clerk to succeed
Alun Harries, who is retiring after seven years in the role at the end of

The position of clerk is the most senior officer in a city council and is primarily responsible for ensuring that councilors’ priorities and decisions are carried out.

Alun said, “It’s a great job with a lot of responsibility, the
the council’s budget is now close to a million pounds and there is a staff of
20 employees who carry out all the work on behalf of the municipality.

“We have responsibility for all the town parks as well as the town cemetery and manage most of the major events in Carmarthen, including the Christmas parade and the switching on of lights.”

Speaking of his seven years as Registrar, he added: “I have been fortunate to have a great team of people around me who are particularly proud of what they do on behalf of the people of Carmarthen.

“Although I have lived in the Carmarthen area for most of my adult life, I have
over the past seven years met and worked with many people who make
a huge contribution to the city.”

Alun said he was very proud of the work of the city council, which won numerous national awards during his tenure as clerk, as well as the important work undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic, including helping with the recovery of the city center. .

He said: “Carmarthen was extremely fortunate that the then Mayor, Cllr Gareth John, was very aware of the economic challenges posed by the pandemic, and the leadership provided by Cllr John and the other councillors, coupled with the very hard work of staff has enabled the town hall to contribute strongly with its partners to support vulnerable people and create a coordinated response from all the organizations involved.

“Much of this work has taken place in the background, out of the public eye, and organizations such as Carmarthenshire Council, Carmarthen Bid and many individual businesses and voluntary organizations have worked together extremely effectively at benefit of Carmarthen.”

Alum added:

“I can confidently say that Carmarthen Town Council is regarded by its peers as being at the forefront of the work of town and community councils in Wales.”

“The redevelopment of the Carmarthen velodrome for the first time
in over a hundred years was a grand project, and helping to bring a winter
Wonderland in Carmarthen Park was also very memorable, hope it
returns again in the future.

“Having spent over 40 years working in the public and private sector, the time has come for me to retire.

“We had local elections in May, and with six new councillors, council will adopt a new five-year strategy next fall, and it makes sense that the new clerk will be fully involved in this process from the start.”

Looking forward to his retirement, he said: “I have other interests to pursue, starting with watching more Swansea City AFC and traveling to Qatar in November to see Wales play in a World Cup for the first time in my life.

“I also started playing the piano recently and bought my first motorbike last year, so there will be plenty for me to do.”

A candidate recruitment file for the post of town clerk including a
the application form, the job description and the person’s specifications are available from
Carmarthen Town Hall online at

Contact Alun for any additional information by e-mail at [email protected].

The closing date for applications is Friday, August 19 at 5 p.m. and interviews are scheduled for Monday, September 5.

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