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FREWSBOURG – Carroll City Council passed local law to deny permission to dispensaries and marijuana consumption sites to operate in the municipality.

However, the city’s residents will most likely have the final say on the matter.

Russell Payne, city supervisor, told the Post-Journal that the board passed the local law on Wednesday after holding a public hearing. He said there was a “huge crowd” about 50 people who attended the meeting, with the majority of them against the idea of ​​allowing dispensaries and cannabis consumption sites in the city.

“The crowd was behind what the town of Carroll ended up doing and it retreats”, he said.

Even if the board of directors passed the local law, a permissive referendum could be held to overturn the decision to withdraw. Payne said the board wanted to give the final say to the city’s residents. He said, at a future meeting, it is highly likely that the board will pass a resolution to welcome a permissive referendum on local law. Even if the city does not pass a permissive referendum resolution, a city resident could circulate a petition to have a vote to overturn the local law.

“I think (the townspeople) would prefer the town to initiate the referendum”, he said. “(The townspeople) want to have a say in this and I agree with that.”

Payne said it’s unclear when the permissive referendum vote might take place, but it likely won’t happen in the November general election because there isn’t enough time to put it on the ballot. vote. However, once the permissive referendum on the ballot, he believes it will be rejected.

“During the meeting I did a show of hands and very few people are in favor of having marijuana dispensaries. he said.

In other cases:

¯ Due to the state’s new law allowing the recreational use of marijuana, the council passed a new local law prohibiting the use of tobacco, tobacco products, electric cigarettes, cannabis, and cigarettes. herbal in parks and on city property and on city property. Vehicles. Payne said the new local law defines more clearly that the use of marijuana is not allowed in parks, on city property or in city vehicles.

¯ The council has also passed a local solar energy law that regulates the use of solar panels in the city. Payne said there are currently no large solar farm projects proposed in the city. However, he said the law would protect the city in the future from any proposed projects. He added that the Carroll Planning Board approved the local law earlier this week.

“It provides the stipulations of what you can do”, he said. “The law was designed by the city attorney, Paul Webb, and he has rendered the same service to other local townships.”

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