Chapel Hill City Council plans to build a community wading pool


Chapel Hill City Council is currently discussing the potential construction of a new community playground.

This summer, residents of Chapel Hill submitted a petition to city council asking for a community playground in the Chapel Hill / Carrboro area. The petition says building such a water facility would help families beat the heat while providing accessible and safe play space.

“To be a family friendly city, we need to invest in family attractions,” the petition says. “There are cities across the country that are working on their infrastructure to support full lives for families. We have great schools, what if we now focus on extracurricular activities? “

In late September, the Town of Chapel Hill Parks, Greenways and Recreation Commission voted unanimously to build a playground.

Now, Chapel Hill City Council is evaluating how to fund such a project and is currently collecting information on community interest. A Splash Working Group has also been formed to help carry out this project.

Chapel Hill Pro Mayor Tem Michael Parker spoke to 97.9 The Hill about current city council discussions on the fate of the project.

“A lot of our surrounding neighbors, Pittsboro, Mebane have them,” Parker said. “We are trying to achieve it. “

Parker said the most recent discussion at Wednesday’s city council meeting was about preliminary numbers on what the project could cost and a breakdown of potential locations to install the facility.

“We are looking at what would be the best location to make sure it is accessible to everyone,” he said.

The petition submitted by community members proposes Legion Park, the Community Center, Cedar Falls Park, Anderson Park or the new MLK Park as potential locations for the future wading pool.

Chapel Hill City Council will receive another update from City staff at their December 1 business meeting.

“So it’s still early days,” said Parker, “but I’m very optimistic that we will have a wading pool in Chapel Hill in the not too distant future.”

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