City Council Approves Newell Farm Purchase and Supplementary Budget

At Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the Burgdorf board, city officials took action on two items that had broad appeal and heard presentations on other issues of concern to the city.
Following the possibility of public comments, during which no residents addressed the council, the trustees turned their attention to the discussion regarding a long-standing land purchase agreement, officially called the “Newell Farm” property. , between the city and two residents.
Sarah Lincoln and Daren “Butch” Hause have approached the city regarding the sale of their 12.64 acre parcel of land in East Burgdorf to the city for a price of $1.39 million. The property, which consists of three parcels, would initially be divided into one parcel – which includes the historic farmhouse residence, water cistern, attic, amphitheater and recording studio – which currently serves as the home of the couple and the second (1.2 acres) and third (6.44 acres) plots currently used by a sharecropper.
The contract stipulates that when the life of the estate expires (i.e. the death of Mr. Hause and Mrs. Lincoln), the property will be preserved as a park of farmland under the control of the city under a set of stipulations set out in the contract. Mrs. Lincoln, in her address to the board, said, “The setting aside of a rural town with farm parks to the east and west (Waggener and Newell) is ideal”, and the trustees enthusiastically seconded and unanimously approved the motion. vote.
The board also approved the additional mid-year budget appropriation. The information provided to the administrators stated: “The results of the audit are compiled in May, giving us the year-end closing figures for all accounts. We are able to use these actual closing numbers to adjust our previously estimated numbers. We combine this adjustment with an additional mid-year appropriation to account for any uncompleted line items from the previous year and any new line items that need to be allocated.
for the current year. »
Following a report from City Administrator Chris Kirk and City Treasurer Cindy Leach, who both reported that the city is in great financial shape, council voted unanimously to approve the measure. As Kirk has repeatedly stated in various public forums, the city is budgeting conservatively and, as Leach’s report demonstrated, the city is currently $10,575 million over budgeted costs and revenue projections. of the budget originally approved last winter.
The board then heard a presentation on communications efforts updated by the Berthoud Tree Advisory Board. The Trustees Briefing Package explained: “The Tree Advisory Committee has identified that additional landowner education on tree liability and maintenance of trees within the right-of-way is required to avoid a potential blockage of the right-of-way. action on necessary maintenance needs related to trees.
Paul Furnas, Burgdorf City Forester, and Toni Baker, Chair of the Tree Advisory Committee, presented a five-point plan that will improve the group’s communication efforts with the community. The plan calls for increased city outreach by using social and traditional media, hosting public events, building partnerships between the city and neighborhood volunteer liaisons with HOAs and landlords, and playing a advisory role to provide recommendations and work with other cities. departments. The administrators were very complimentary about the presentation and the plans outlined therein.
Council also heard a detailed presentation from Larimer County officials regarding efforts to form collaboration among municipalities in the county as well as potentially with neighboring towns and villages in adjacent counties. The presentation stated, “A cohesive and collaborative strategy is needed to identify solutions to regional transport needs”, and added that she believed “the word is not getting out”, and so they are working with city councils/ elected municipal councils and municipal leaders. to develop an overall plan.
Board members received a real-time interactive survey where they were asked to rank needs, identify priorities and clarify their levels of interest. Board members were also asked to share what they considered to be “must haves” and “decisive elements” regarding the transportation issue. The county will return once it has held similar forums with other communities in the area.
The board plans to hold a special meeting next week to discuss mosquito mitigation efforts, possibly including experts from Larimer County Health. Such a meeting would be announced at the end of the week or next Monday. The next regular meeting of the Burgdorf city council will take place on September 13.

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