City Council considering expansion options for Westlake Academy

Westlake City Council discusses possible upgrades to Westlake Academy facilities on February 28, 2022. (Ben Karkela/Community Impact Newspaper)

The City of Westlake is exploring options to upgrade facilities at Westlake Academy.

At the Westlake City Council meeting on February 28, city officials discussed proposed updates to the Sam & Margarette Lee Arts and Science Center as well as sports facilities.

Council members discussed three possible expansion plans for the Arts and Science Center provided by Bennett Partners, a Fort Worth-based architectural firm. The discussion focused on the six portable buildings on campus, which were added in 2011 and 2013 to give the school additional classrooms and flexible space. Board members debated the pros and cons of each proposal and whether or not to retain portable classrooms on campus to some degree.

The city’s final recommendation was to consider expanding the arts and science center into a three-story building with a larger footprint. This recommendation would allow Westlake Academy to eventually replace its six portable classrooms with a permanent structure. A fourth proposal has been requested by council members and Bennett Partners said a new proposal could be presented to city council within 60 days.

“In my heart, as a resident, I would like to see all these laptops gone,” said council member Alesa Belvedere. “As a board member, we have a responsibility to manage and steward properly. I have to watch all of this. »

Troy Meyer, Director of Facilities and Public Works at Westlake, explained the details of the proposed improvements to the school’s athletic facilities, which include renovations to the gymnasium and grounds as well as the addition of sports fields and a 280 meter track. Meyer said construction of the proposed sports fields on campus property is difficult due to changes in elevation and drainage. Installing the new fields within the property boundaries will also be difficult, he said.

“Our campus topography is very challenging,” Meyer said.

According to the Feb. 28 presentation, $2.1 million in funding for construction projects would come from Westlake Academy’s capital improvement projects fund, while $3 million is earmarked for arts and crafts expansion. Sciences. The city is also considering a deal with a private donor to fund athletic upgrades.

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