City council member loses race by 46 votes

GREENACRES – The balance of power in Greenacres City Council may rest on 46 votes.

That’s the unofficial margin of victory enjoyed by District 4 challenger Susy Diaz Piesco over incumbent Jonathan Pearce out of 2,768 votes cast in Tuesday’s mayoral election.

Diaz Piesco was one of three candidates endorsed by Greenacres Mayor Joel Flores, who made no secret of his desire to see Pearce and two other longtime incumbents – Peter Noble and Judith Dugo – vote on the dais.

Greenacres Councilor Peter Noble

Noble, who is 87 and a council member for nearly a quarter century, beat 21-year-old FAU student Nathan Galang for the District 2 seat while Dugo handily beat Leonard Grant, a military veteran and business owner, in District 3.

Judith Dugo is a council member for District 3 in Greenacres.

Flores said the incumbents had lost “the connection to the community” and did not “resemble” the demographics of the city.

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, more than 66% of Greenacres’ population of 44,000 is Hispanic or black, but the city council is all white and non-Hispanic.

Diaz Piesco, along with Vice Mayor John Tharp and council member Paula Bousquet, could give Flores a 3-2 majority on council.

In Greenacres, the mayor does not vote on matters brought before council, except in the case of a tie vote.

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