City Council supports construction of new Southlake Library as part of planned Carillon Park development

The Southlake Public Library is located on the first floor of City Hall in Southlake Town Square. (Valerie Wigglesworth/Community Impact Journal)

Southlake City Council unanimously supports the construction of its new public library as part of the planned 42-acre Carillon Parc mixed-use development.

Board leadership came to a meeting on June 7 after the library’s task force recommended two possible locations for the library. One proposed site was in the Carillon Parc development at the northeast intersection of SH 114 and White Chapel Boulevard. The other possible site was the location of the former Seniors Activity Center on Parkwood Drive.

Stacey Black, the city’s senior human resources manager, worked with the task force as it narrowed down possible locations to a final recommendation.

“It is important to note that the task force believes that there is no ideal location for the site of the future library, but one or the other could accommodate such a facility,” it said. she told the council.

A third location considered by the task force was at the northwest corner of White Chapel Boulevard and Unity Way in Bicentennial Park. But this location did not fare as well as the other two, according to the task force report.

Public reaction over the past few months has also favored the location of Carillon Parc over the other two proposed sites. Of 296 public comment cards submitted to the city, 57% supported the mixed-use development. The Parkwood Drive site came in second with 35%, and the Bicentennial Park site received 6% support. According to the responses, a further 2% wanted the library to remain in Southlake Town Square.

City council members also favored the inclusion of a multipurpose performing arts center with the new library, which is expected to cover approximately 30,000 square feet. The existing public library on the first floor of City Hall is 10,240 square feet.

Council leadership kicks off the next stage of work as the task force refines its proposal on what amenities to include in a new library and how to pay for them. City staff will also work with the developers of Carillon Parc, who have offered to donate land as part of their public library project.

“Your job is far from done,” Mayor John Huffman told the task force.

John Terrell, former mayor of Southlake and one of the developers of Carillon Parc, told council June 7 that he and his partners would be delighted to partner with the city on a new library project.

“If Carillon is selected, we will work hand in hand for the mutual benefit of our community to make it an absolute development with this library and performing arts facility as its centerpiece,” he said.

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