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WEDDINGTON, North Carolina — On Monday night, Weddington City Council voted to close the highly controversial Weddington Green development.

The council voted 3 to 2 against the project which would have occupied approximately two and a half miles of land between Providence Road and Weddington-Matthews Road in Union County.

Channel 9’s Glenn Counts said at the meeting it looked like the council was going to send development plans back to the planning council because of the number of proposed changes, such as the removal of townhouses.

However, after a break, the council reconsidered and voted to refuse the project, with Weddington Mayor Craig Horn voting in favor of the decision.

“It’s a big relief, but you can’t help but wonder what will happen next. But a decision had to be made,” said developer Tom Waters.

After the months-long fight, locals told Channel 9 they were delighted with the decision.

“I think tonight’s vote was great,” Weddington resident Andy Stallings said.

Residents said they moved to Weddington for the small-town lifestyle. They said they feared Weddington Green had changed all that.

In March, Waters took Channel 9’s Genevieve Curtis around the country and shared her vision of what the development would look like. Waters proposes a community with 197 houses, a park, an amphitheater and a greenway, but not all residents supported the idea. In fact, thousands of people protested against it.

For months Channel 9 has seen crowded meetings and heard concerns about traffic, overcrowded schools and the potential for crime over the development of Weddington Green. At the center of the issue, some neighbors don’t want to see Weddington relax current zoning laws, which require every home to be on at least one acre of land.

Yard signs have popped up all over Weddington, but even that has sparked controversy. Neighbors touched GPS devices and called the sheriff’s office when their signs disappeared. The sheriff’s office said it investigated and found a code enforcement officer removed them for being misplaced.

Neighbors last week shared emails with Channel 9 they had requested between town leaders and the developer, which they say show the leaders advising the developer on how to sell the project.

A neighbor said she was still undecided, but the majority of neighbors Channel 9 spoke to on Monday afternoon were against the plan.

“We don’t want to be crammed on top of each other,” Don Cuthbertson said. “With everyone having an acre of land per house, that’s the lifestyle we’ve chosen.”

The developer told Genevieve Curtis that everything was honest. The city administrator said city staff and elected officials have been following state law since January 2020, when the pre-nomination process began.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the mayor of Weddington as Tom Waters.

(WATCH BELOW: Questions arise over emails released ahead of City Council‘s final decision on Weddington development)

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