College Station City Council reviews strategies for fiscal year 2023 and beyond

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) — Thursday night’s College Station City Council meeting includes consideration of strategic priorities.

The council recently compiled a list of important topics at a retreat that includes exploring annexation opportunities, building a seventh fire station, neighborhood integrity, improving mobility and economy growth.

The executive session begins at 4:00 p.m. and the regular meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 14.

Council members met earlier this year to consider goals ranging from growing the economy to building infrastructure.

Wilma Hill has lived in College Station for over 40 years. She recently moved into a new home after her longtime home on Glade Street became a college neighborhood.

“The street where I live now is more old people and it’s more civilized,” Hill said.

Besides neighborhood integrity, she says she enjoys taking her dog Benji to a city park.

“It’s the only place the dog can go off leash and sometimes there are nice people to talk to,” she added.

Addressing concerns like Wilma’s is why College Station City Manager Bryan Woods says they hold a strategic planning retreat every year.

“And that’s really the council’s kind of vision for the community and there’s definitely staff input and that covers a lot of the things you talked about and even more. It’s just one of the ways we’re looking at where the community wants the city and the organization to go,” Woods said.

Redevelopment of the Post Oak Mall, addition of public transit, and addressing neighborhood issues are all part of the council’s strategic plan.

Mayor Karl Mooney said annexation would be different after state rules limited city growth.

“Years ago annexation was almost inevitable as we grew. But now, the law being what it is regarding annexation. the only way annexation will happen is if the owners want it said Mooney.

Wilma has seen the growth of her four decades here and knows there is a lot to consider.

“They’re building everywhere,” Hill said.

Both Mooney and Woods told us that these big projects take time, and many elements are still years away from completion. The current plan includes objectives for the next ten years.

The city is also discussing natural cooling as it discovered a problem called Urban Heat Island. This happens when an area is developed and retains more heat than less developed areas. The city would purchase trees to cover parks and high traffic areas around the city. This five-year plan could cost around $300,000. A second part of the plan could bring that up to around half a million dollars, giving residents trees to plant.

This would prevent a six degree rise from occurring in development areas.

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