Discordian Jubilees: Influx (Like a Solstice, ‘Different Cept)

December 8 is Rush, the 50th day of the Consequence Season, and the Discordians’ closest thing to a Winter Solstice jamboree. Rush marks the end of the calendar year – it’s time to reflect on the relationship between destruction and creation, examine the things that have come undone around us, and understand what we can do with the coins. .

And, according to most of the online sources I have found, this is an opportunity to get, like, irrevocably blitzed.

A traditional handmade influx ornament. (Image via Pixabay.)

Alas, as a recovering person, I will not be attending this last party. Although I had a dream while drinking last night which I guess matters.

Dreams about drinking are exactly what they sound like, and they are not uncommon among recovering alcoholics, although they can be unsettling. The first time I had one, shortly after I got sober, I woke up convinced I had relapsed. I have drunk a few since then, and they always follow the same theme: Alcohol somehow gets into my body (one time it was raining wine; in another I was making coffee To by Deborah house and didn’t notice her K cups were full of rosé), and I spend the rest of the dream trying to rationalize that I’m not that drunk and therefore still recovering.

In last night’s dream, I was meeting a new therapist, who was living in my apartment complex for some reason. He offered to refill my anti-anxiety meds, then asked how long I had been sober (I was wearing a t-shirt from a 12-step event), when I realized that I had injections before our date.

So I explained that I had a serious drinking problem and had gone without drinking for a number of years, but now I was drinking responsibly, hoping he couldn’t tell what point I was excited.

Discordians celebrating Influx: Beaten and bruised but still laughing about something inappropriate. (Image via Pixabay.)

And then he tried to explain pagan Wicca history to me, and I suddenly woke up, because even Asleep Me didn’t want to take care of this conversation.

The dreams of drinking really freaked me out, but now they engender a feeling of gratitude. I wake up relieved to be sober and grateful that I am no longer controlled by alcohol. So it’s rather auspicious that I had a dream while drinking the night before Rush, as it gave me the opportunity to look back on my life and think about how I want my life to continue. to improve.

Afflux is a day to put things back together. For me that means looking for a job and working to patch up a friendship that fell apart some time ago. Solve puzzles (something I did parcel at the start of sobriety) would be a fun way to celebrate the holiday, just like baking, if you think about it in terms of taking a bunch of random, unrelated substances and soldering them together into a tasty, unified whole.

I’m a terror in the kitchen, so personally I’m going to stick to repairing and finding sources of income. But if you can get something out of the oven without setting off a fire alarm, then hey, knock yourself out, with my blessing.

Or just skip the sweets and go straight to the cocaine. (Image via Pixio.)

If you have the material on hand, kintsugi – the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with golden lacquer – would also be a significant way to commemorate Influx. The philosophy behind kintsugi is that breaks are part of an object’s story: by using gold to repair cracks, the damaged object becomes more beautiful for what it has gone through.

And if you don’t have any broken dishes lying around, feel free to smash a coffee mug or something and then put it back together however you like. Build something entirely new from it – turn it into an abstract sculpture, or a self-defense weapon, or even a ritual tool. Recognize how breaks in your own past have made you stronger in the long run, and how they have allowed you to reinvent yourself.

Convey this same intention in the ceramic shards in front of you. And use them to do something beautiful.

And, of course, you also have the option of just being put on a cast and gleefully demolishing things until you run out of steam. You can figure out what to do about all the carnage after the hangover is over. Because maybe the real Surge is all of the fragile things that we’ve destroyed along the way.

Even a forest fire can provide light. Which… doesn’t sound as inspiring on screen as it did in my head, but still… (Image via Pixabay.)

Ultimately, there is no wrong way to watch Surge, just as there is no wrong way to practice Discordianism. Just find something that will show Greyface that you are still alive despite his best efforts, and do your best to cheerfully and reverently give him an aneurysm.

So go get some Taco Bell. This will help with the hangover. Trust me on this. I speak from the experience of countless Past Inflows.

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