Every candidate running for Royal Sutton Coldfield Borough Council elections 2022

The list of candidates for the next elections to sit on the municipal council of Sutton Coldfield for the next four years has been confirmed. The elections will take place on Thursday May 5, alongside the Birmingham City Council elections, with every seat on both councils up for grabs.

Some 67 people registered on the ballot for Sutton’s eight wards. The Conservatives are contesting all the seats with 24 candidates, and the Liberal Democrats are contesting all but two of the 24 available seats, with 22 candidates, a big jump from the last two elections.

Labor is taking a more strategic approach, with 13 candidates, the most, four, in its current city stronghold, Vesey ward. While the Green Party has five candidates in total and the Sutton Residents’ Party, formerly the Sutton Independents, has three candidates.

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At town council level, there are two seats in Four Oaks, two in Mere Green, two in Reddicap, three in Roughley, three in Trinity, five in Vesey, two in Wylde Green and five in Walmley and Minworth. All but three of the current 24 advisers are running again.

Three Tories step down — Planning and Highways Chair Clare Horrocks (Four Oaks, Cons.), Joanne Ellis (Walmley and Minworth, Cons.) and Samuel Hodins (Wylde Geen, Cons.) are not all looking to be re-elected.

Two former city councilors, who were part of the class of 2016, but not in 2018, are running again. Independent Liz Parry is running for Vesey again, after losing her seat in 2018, while former Conservative councilor John Perks, who was elected in 2016, stood down in 2018, is running for re-election in 2022 in Walmley and Minworth.

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The votes will take place on the same day that voters choose their municipal councillors. You can see a full list of candidates running for Birmingham City Council here. There are 24 candidates running for the two councils.

In alphabetical order: Ben Auton (Green Party), Joseph Blenkinsop (Labour), Jan Cairns (Conservatives), Zoe Challenor (Labour), David Cooke (Liberal Democrats), Frank Eperjesi (Conservatives), Linda Hudson (Green Party), Terry Johnson (Labour), Mark Lewis (Liberal Democrats), Ewan Mackey (Conservatives), Colin Marriot (Green Party), Brandon Masih (Liberal Democrats), Rachel McCollin (Green Party), Pat Mika (Labour), Richard Parkin (Conservatives) , David Pears (Conservatives), Rob Pocock (Labour), Peter Quinn (Labour), Dr Paul Richardson (Liberal Democrats), Kath Scott (Labour), Dr John Spencer (Liberal Democrats), Regine Wilber (Liberal Democrats), Jenny Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats) and David Willett (Liberal Democrats).

The full list of candidates for the Royal Sutton Coldfield City Council election on May 5:

Four Oaks (two councilors from):

Janis Dewsbury – Labor

Linda Hudson – Green Party

Richard Ng – Liberal Democrats

Mark Roberts – Conservative Party

Quartier Simon – Conservative Party

David Willett – Liberal Democrats

Mother Green (two advisers):

Stephen Allsop – Liberal Democrats

George Bailey – Labor

Jacqueline Cummins – Conservative Party

Nitish Raut – Conservative Party

Regine Wilbur – Liberal Democrats

Reddicap (two advisors):

Julie Ashley-Higgins – Labor

Ben Auton – Green Party

Tony Briggs – Conservative Party

James Chandler – Liberal Democrats

Richard Parkin – Conservative Party

Marion Swaffield – Labor

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Roughley (three advisers):

Jonathan Bates – Liberal Democrats

Ewan Mackey – Conservative Party

Pat Mika – Labor Party

Philip Mills – Liberal Democrats

Jane Mosson – Conservative Party

Harry Parmar – Conservative Party

Kamil Szaladzinski – Liberal Democrats

Trinity (three advisors):

David Allan – Conservative Party

Joseph Blenkinsop – Labor

Christina Brown – Liberal Democrats

Jennifer Gray – Liberal Democrats

Rachel McCollin – Green Party

David O’Hagan – Sutton Residents Day

David Pears – Conservative Party

Peter Quinn – Labor Party

Keith Ward – Conservative Party

Jenny Wilkinson – Liberal Democrats

Vesey (five advisers):

Jan Cairns – Conservative Party

Maria Caserio – Conservative Party

Rebecca Clarke – Liberal Democrats

Peter Davies – Liberal Democrats

Frank Eperjesi – Conservative Party

Max Hatton – work

Alison Jolley – Conservative Party

Mark Lewis – Liberal Democrats

Brandon Masih – Liberal Democrats

Liz Parry – Sutton Residents Day

Rob Pocock – work

Manish Puri – Work

Dr. Paul Richardson – Liberal Democrats

Kath Scott – work

Samuel Simper – Conservative Party

Wylde Green (two advisers):

Leeford Allen – Conservative Party

Zoe Challenor – Green Party

Terry Johnson – work

Amy Millichope – Conservative Party

Alan Mold – Sutton Residents Day

Dr John Spencer – Liberal Democrats

Nora Warnaby – Liberal Democrats

Walmley & Minworth (five advisers):

Charlotte Ashley-Higgins – Labor

David Cooke – Liberal Democrats

John Cooper – Conservative Party

James Garrington – Liberal Democrats

Derrick Griffin – Conservative Party

Colin Marriott – Green Party

Charlie Moore – Liberal Democrats

John Perks – Conservative Party

Ivan Ratschkewucz – Liberal Democrats

Terry Wood – Conservative Party

Cindy Yip – Conservative Party

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