General Manager of LGPS Pool Announces Retirement

The chief executive of the pooling organization which manages more than £11billion of municipal pension fund assets in London has announced his retirement.

Mike O’Donnell will step down as chief executive of the London CIV in March 2023 to move on to other opportunities, including taking charge of his own small portfolio of clients and other non-executive directorships.

The London CIV is one of eight local government pension scheme pools in England and Wales, and at 32, it holds the most customer funds.

Mr O’Donnell said: ‘I very deliberately gave the board 12 months’ notice to allow time for a well-planned and smooth transition. The reasons for my departure are completely personal, reflecting my own desire to take on new challenges. Working with the London CIV Board and the London CIV team has been and continues to be a very busy but positive and enjoyable experience.

“I will of course be in the role of CEO for the next 12 months. I remain fully committed to the organization and there is a lot to deliver during this time. I believe we have made real progress at London CIV over the past years and I want this progress to continue. I am very committed to leaving an incoming CEO with a solid and improving starting point.”

His roles before becoming chief executive of London CIV three years ago included 13 years at Camden LBC and acting chief executive roles with Birmingham City Council and Newham LBC.

Mike Craston, Chairman of London CIV, said: “He has made a major contribution to the success of London CIV, particularly with our AUM [assets under management] growth and its focus on our ESG [environment, social and governance] offer.”

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