Kaul seeks restraining order against Gableman’s subpoenas | Local government


Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul has asked a Dane County Circuit Court judge to bar former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman from carrying out subpoenas he filed with the commission election campaign as part of an ongoing investigation into how the 2020 elections unfolded.

Kaul’s request for a restraining order, which was filed Thursday, alleges Gableman’s special advocate issued “numerous subpoenas to state and local election officials as part of an investigation law based on debunked theories about the November 2020 elections ”. The restraining injunction motion concerns subpoenas issued to the Wisconsin Election Commission, which Kaul represents, and its administrator, Meagan Wolfe.

Kaul’s motion comes about a week after the state Justice Department and Gableman, who was hired by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, to lead the investigation, came to a mutual agreement to reduce the overall demand of the special council for election-related documents. Gableman also agreed to suspend his initial request to have Wolfe, the mayors and clerks of the state’s largest cities testify in private meetings last Friday, although he reserved the right to request interviews from the to come up.

In Thursday’s motion, Kaul said Gableman’s subpoenas “suffer from multiple legal flaws and should be struck down on those legal grounds.” He added that subpoenas requesting depositions have no basis in law and are beyond the scope of legislative authority.

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