Letter to the Editor: Takahashi Gives Reasons for City Council Race

letter to the editor:

I decided to run for Burbank City Council in part because I was a long-time community member. The first step I took to get involved many years ago was to get to know the city.

The more I got to know Burbank, the more it became clear that there was a lot going on in our “urban” city. Between the library, parks and recreation, non-profit organizations, schools, local organizations, religious organizations, business events, and more, there are many opportunities to participate in our community.

I am personally interested in ways to get involved civically. So for the past three years I have published a local “get involved” newsletter: Burbank 411. I gather information from many sources and put together highlights of interesting events and ways to get involved. civically engage. You can find it here: http://burbank.substack.com

Although the newsletter is a great source of information, there is a lot more going on than an email can contain.

People ask me, “How did you find out about all these events?” It’s here! The list of my sources, where I learn about all these events:

That’s a lot, right? That’s why I pick the highlights and list them in my weekly newsletter at Burbank 411: http://burbank.substack.com

We have a vibrant and wonderful community. I am delighted to be part of it. Thanks for being awesome, Burbank!

Tamala Takahashi
23-year-old resident, community advocate, candidate for Burbank City Council

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