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I support Deb Paul and Mike Duerst for the Verona City Supervisory Board in the April 5 elections.

Despite recent housing developments, the town’s land is still primarily dedicated to agriculture, but the five-member council does not include a single farmer. Mike Duerst is a permanent resident of the town and owns and operates a farm on its south side.

Although Deb was not raised on a farm, she has extensive farming experience, having often worked on neighboring farms and becoming a member of 4H. The farming experience that these two have is needed on the board.

Deb and her family have lived in the city of Verona for 17 years. During this time, she devoted much of her time to the municipality. She has extensive experience in land use, having served on the Planning Commission throughout this time.

In this role, she fully participated in the multi-year processes of creating the current comprehensive land use plan and the recently adopted subdivision by-law. She also served nine years as an election officer at the polls.

In addition, she represented the City for more than five years on the joint City/City committee on land use planning. Deb owns and operates Midwest Decorative Stone & Landscape Supply, which provides her with valuable business experience.

Deb was instrumental in creating the landscaping for the new City Hall while achieving significant savings for the city. Visit his site at “debpaultownofverona.com”.

Of the nominees and current board members, Mike is uniquely qualified to understand and represent the interests of the agricultural community. Mike and his brother Tom own and operate the family’s Century Farm.

Mike has a wealth of experience with township operations having previously served on the board for a period of 10 years and also 10 years on the Fitchrona EMS commission. He is a member of the Upper Sugar River Watershed organization, and while on the board of directors, he represented the town on the Dane County Towns Association.

Due to his knowledge and experience with agricultural equipment, Mike provided valuable expertise in the purchase of construction equipment. Mike is a down-to-earth, common-sense person. Visit his website at “duerstforverona.com”.

Bob Bovy

City of Verona

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