Lewiston City Council session optimistic

Steve Broderick and Lewiston City Council recognized the work of the Bicentennial Committee during Monday’s session. (photo sent)

Fri July 29, 2022 11:00 a.m.

The bicentenary committee is thanked; good news on audit

Commission Requests Ridge/Dickersonville Roads Traffic Study

By Terry Duffy

Chief Editor

Lewiston City Council members had a relatively light session on Monday. The meeting was marked by the recognition of the Bicentenary Committee for a job well done during the recent commemoration, as well as a positive municipal audit received for 2021-22.

“For starters, we had a spectacular Fourth of July Bicentennial weekend,” Supervisor Steve Broderick told committee members at City Hall on Monday. “The Bicentennial Committee was formed in 2018. It was four years of planning, selling merchandise, coins, stickers and hats. The fundraiser – over $46,000 – was used for fireworks, bands and everything else over the weekend.

Broderick acknowledged the work of City Council members Rob Morreale, John Jacoby and Bill Geiben, who worked with the committee throughout the planning of this momentous event. He then presented certificates of appreciation to all who were present.

Afterwards, representatives from Dresher & Maleck LLP visited the board members for a brief presentation during which positive news about the city’s finances was heard. Among the highlights: general fund income of $2.9 million, with expenses of $2.7 million and a $200,000 increase in the fund balance; Road service revenues up $3.5 million, representing an overall fund balance increase of $3.7 million; and an increase of $476,000 to the Ministry of Water account, with $1.5 million available in the overall fund balance.

“Overall, high marks; there are no findings to report in our audit,” the Dresher & Malecki representative said. You are in a stable position. The city has improved its fund balance for capital projects.

In other session news:

•Recreation director Cathy Cvijetinovic told council members that the city’s spring-summer youth programs are working well.

“A few updates: We are currently hosting our summer camp at Kiwanis and Sanborn,” she said. “We average about 60 to 65 kids at Kiwanis, and Sanborn has seen an increase from the past. We had about 30 to 35 children; so we’re doing really well there. We had Nickel City Reptiles and Firefighters there; it was great fun.

Cvijetinovic said the baseball season is over, with only one home game remaining this week.

“This year, all the children received medals and trophies; and this year at their last home game they had a pizza party,” she said. “Favorites Pizza was kind enough to donate over 55 pizza trays. We also asked Tops to donate about 15 cases of water; it was super helpful too.

Cvijetinovic said his department is beginning to plan its fall and winter programs, one of which will take place at the Lewiston Senior Center in October.

“There’s a lot to come,” she said.

• Broderick said the city will continue a study of traffic at the intersection of Ridge and Dickerson Roads with the New York State Department of Transportation and the Niagara County DPW. The city’s latest request is in response to an increase in traffic accidents at the intersection, one of which resulted in a recent death.

“As everyone here knows, we’ve had several crashes on Ridge Road/Dickersonville Road,” Broderick said. “The county, even the city of Porter, requested a traffic study.”

He requested a formal resolution from NYSDOT and County DPW board members to conduct a study of the intersection.

• Broderick also announced that Lewiston has entered into a contract with the State of New York to maintain the Niagara Parkway Trail system in the city.

“We have the Niagara Parkway Trail contract, which we’ve never had before,” he told board members.

The contract asks the city to coordinate $100,000 in paving and resurfacing repairs to the bike path, as well as installing park benches along the trail. Funding should come from the city’s capital account.

• Councilor Jacoby said DG New York CSIII LLC, representing Niagara Solar SSR, requested a six-month extension to its building permit, as well as a six-month period to complete the solar project at Niagara University . The board approved without comment.

Jacoby announced that two public hearings are scheduled for 6 p.m. on August 22 to consider applications submitted by Willco Auto Care and LMK Realty. For more information, visit the city’s website, www.townoflewiston.us.

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