Local government retires – KT PRESS

Emmanuel Gasana, Governor of Orientale Province addressing the participants of the training of trainersLeaders of local government entities, from sector to village level, are to attend a retreat that aims to build their knowledge and improve service delivery.

The retreat was organized by the Ministry of Local Administration (MINALOC) in collaboration with the Rwanda Association of Local Authorities (RALGA).

It will bring together approximately 120,700 participants, including 8,996 at the sector level, 37,125 at the cell level and 74,512 participants at the village level.

General James Kabarebe speaking to the trainees about the release

From August 20-28, the retreat was preceded by a training of trainers which included 900 peers from the country’s 416 sectors between August 10-12.

Ladislas Ngendahimana, Secretary General of RALGA, said the training aims to enable elected and appointed local government officials to appreciate, internalize and practice leadership that enhances good management in local government and the delivery of effective services within the framework of decentralization.

Training of Trainers, Western Province

“Local leaders should aim to help and influence their respective communities. This training will focus on the pillars of governance in Rwanda since 1994, decentralization, leadership, leadership discipline, human rights, planning, reporting among others,” he said. he declares.

The training will take place in all the provinces and the City of Kigali in different places and in series.

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