Maldon City Council celebrates Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

A CITY council has planted its first tree as part of an initiative to celebrate 70 years of Queen’s service.

The first tree was planted in St Mary’s Church in Maldon to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

Students and town councilors were joined by Lord Lieutenant Jennifer Tolhurst and town mayor David Ogg to plant the first of seven trees to celebrate this historic milestone.

The tree is accompanied by a special commemorative plaque.

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Maldon City Council has pledged to plant a tree for each decade of the Queen’s reign and as a contribution to the fight against climate change.

It comes after the authority declared a climate emergency.

Carlie Mayes, chair of the city council‘s environment committee, said: “Trees are one of our most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change.

“They capture and store carbon, help prevent flooding, reduce city temperatures, filter the air, and provide vital habitats for wildlife.

“The City Council is committed to doing its part and more trees will be planted at Plume Academy, Wentworth Primary School, Leeches Memorial Garden and Fambridge Road.”

More details about the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative can be found online at

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