Manila local government and Microsoft announce digital partnership


Microsoft and the city of Manila have signed an agreement to accelerate the digital transformation of the Philippine capital.

Microsoft has said it will primarily support the local government unit’s ambition for its Go Manila initiative, which aims to build the first holistic digital data infrastructure by any city in the Philippines, large or small.

The company said it was ready to support and roll out the initiative to create digital IDs for each of Manila’s more than 2 million residents, initially focusing on the 350,000 poorest populations and more at risk or vulnerable.

“Our collaboration with Microsoft accelerates our ambitions to build a 21st century economy that uplifts our poor, improves employment opportunities for our middle class, improves the inner workings of Manila city government, and improves the way we deliver services. services abroad and improve our overall activity and attractiveness favorable to investments, especially as we seek to recover from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, ”said the mayor of Manila, Francisco Moreno Domagoso.

“Creating smarter cities isn’t just about devices and sensors. It is about creating an environment that allows each citizen to connect with the city and the city with each citizen. We are working with local and national government agencies around the world to achieve this result and we are committed to making it happen for the city of Manila and all cities in the Philippines, ”said Ortola, general manager of Microsoft for the country.

Microsoft said all 290,000 students in Manila public schools will receive free email addresses and free Microsoft 365 accounts, its flagship software applications.

Manila is also on a trial exercise to provide Microsoft Workplace to the city’s leadership team across all of its 54 executive departments. Microsoft and Manila will host in-depth internal training sessions for city leaders on the new digital platform.

The partnership will aim to further optimize the city’s “Go Manila” platform, a city-wide digital data infrastructure initiative and, at the request of the City of Manila, improve governance policies. Datas. Microsoft will provide access to government-specific artificial intelligence resources and expertise and map horizons for future digital plans.

Image courtesy of David Paul Morris / Bloomberg

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