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Editor’s note: Responses are listed in the order in which they were received, with basic editing.

WORTHINGTON – Running for election for Worthington First Ward, incumbent Larry Janssen will face Cristiana Adame on November 8.

Janssen served on city council for eight years and is seeking to win his third term this election. Adame is an engineer with Highland Manufacturing and, although a relative newcomer to Worthington politics, he currently sits on several boards within Worthington and Nobles County.

The Globe contacted the candidates with questions about their priorities and plans, if elected. Here are their answers.

Why are you looking for an office?

Adamé: As I am involved in many community projects in Worthington, I have had the opportunity to see the wonderful future we are heading towards. This beautiful city has the strongest community I have ever seen, and I want to be part of its growth and development to keep moving forward, better and stronger. I want to be the representation of the future of Worthington.

Janssen: This is my third term. I feel I have a lot to offer.

What strategies would you recommend to deal with current labor shortages?

Adamé: I want to work directly with local schools and businesses. Young people are the future of this city, and we must support them with opportunities to grow and help them achieve their goals. Graduates are often tempted by opportunities outside of Worthington; therefore, I want to work hard to help Worthington graduates find the opportunities they seek in this strong community.

As I mentioned, I also want to work closely with businesses in Worthington. Worthington is a city of hardworking and dedicated people, so helping them grow professionally is key to the development of our city.

Janssen: Your shortage is due to the aging of the population.

How do you plan to reach and serve the diverse constituency of Worthington?

Adamé: I will be there for you, for him and for everyone who wants to be heard. One of Worthington’s strongest factors is its diversity. No matter where you are from or what your opinions are, you can be assured that I will constantly support our community and that your concerns will be heard. I want to show the difference through actions, and constant participation and involvement within the community will be one of my main priorities to ensure that I hear as many voices as possible.

Janssen: Hire more diversity and get more involved in the hiring process.

How do you think the city should work to meet the current child care needs in Worthington?

Adamé: There are many resources available, but it is up to us and Worthington businesses to provide those resources to those in need. I will work hard alongside businesses, large and small, to ensure the community is guided in the right direction to meet each individual’s childcare needs.

Janssen: Child care in this city and in other cities — the regulations are too strict.


City of Worthington

What role should the city have in stimulating economic development, particularly with regard to supporting existing or new facilities and businesses?

Adamé: Development relies on enterprises. Growth is based on development. One thing affects the other, like a domino effect, so letting our community know how important local businesses are to our future is key to our sustainability.

The city and the Chamber of Commerce need to take ownership of the leadership role in this community and provide individuals with an easier path to fulfilling one of their biggest dreams, opening a new business. In addition, constant support must be provided to companies already established. They are our development, they support our economy, so having constant communication between the city and businesses is a “must” for success.

Janssen: Have less. Meetings on who would like to settle in Worthington.

What investments would you like to see made in Worthington’s future?

Adamé: When it comes to investments, everything counts. Every detail must be carefully considered in order to make the best decision for our community. For example, Worthington is located at the crossroads of I-90 and I-60, surrounded by several small satellite towns that force their inhabitants to move either for work or to seek recreational activities. We should strive to provide them with these resources. Developing new businesses that can provide foreign and current residents with more leisure and work opportunities will help Worthington tremendously. Again, the more we help our community develop its goals, the more we grow as a city, as a community and as a team.

Janssen: Make the streets walk, it’s the first thing visitors see.

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