Money belt | Miami City Council Passes Wild Horses Bid, Renews Genesis Contract

The October 10 meeting of the Miami City Council began with humor. With a smile, City Attorney Joe Estes pointed out that city code states that if a regular council meeting date falls on a holiday, the meeting must be moved to the following day. The Code also allows the Council to temporarily suspend this rule by a three-quarters vote.

The board voted unanimously to suspend the rules and hold the meeting.

“I tried to let everyone go home,” Estes told the packed crowd.

The main attraction was the public hearing for a liquor license application for the Wild Horses Saloon and Grill at 416 Sullivan Street. The owners of the bar, William Clemmens and Roxanne Hadley, had previously operated the bar, sold it and now own the property again.

Phil Stewart, representing the Miami Merchants’ Association, asked that the item be postponed until the candidates have answered a list of six questions. Among the group’s concerns were public displays of drunkenness, safety inspections and evidence of insurance. Stewart then read from the record a letter from Richard H. Baker who also opposed the request.

Wild Horses agent Craig Miller explained that Miami can take one of three actions regarding the liquor license; no action, vote to recommend approval or vote to recommend opposition. Arizona granted the State Liquor Board the power to grant or deny a liquor license. Miller also said there was nothing in the nominees’ file that would justify denying them a license. Drugs, violence, arrest of owner(s) and citations would be grounds for denial. Noise complaints are said to be a local issue.

Chuck Broeder said he respected the bar’s current owners, but he and his wife were insulted by drunks.

Three other speakers supported the nomination.

During the Council discussion, Council Member Michael Black asked Stewart if the Miami Merchants Association had a charter. Stewart replied no. They were just a group that got together to discuss issues.

Council member Don Reiman asked if there was a police incident file for the bar’s former owner. He said he had witnessed it and wanted the report before the Council made its recommendation.

After discussing the required business licensecomments (pay fees and complete paperwork) and payment of taxes, the Board voted 5 to 1 for approval, with one abstention.

The council also voted in favor of a contract with PHI to provide medical helicopter service to Miami residents. The service would be effective in Gila County and transport patients to the nearest suitable hospital.

Three points tabled at the previous Board meeting were advanced.

Council voted unanimously to allow staff to gather more information about investment opportunities for city funds. The article will be revisited in November.

The board voted unanimously to renew the current contract with Miami Genesis. The audience applauded after the vote.

The City will move forward with a search for a new Chief of Police.

The Board approved an order amending Title 5 Commercial Licensing and Regulation by adding a chapter covering commercial film and television production licenses.

Prior to the adjournment, Council entered an executive session with City Attorney Estes to discuss the lawsuit brought by former City Manager Joseph Heatherly.

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