New city council excited to start


As the new Strathmore City Council was sworn in at its stations, new faces on the team have expressed excitement about getting started.

For Brent Wiley, Debbie Mitzner, Richard Wegener and Melissa Langmaid, this will be the first time they have served on Strathmore’s board. Only Mayor Pat Fule and Councilors Jason Montgomery and Denise Peterson are back to continue their public service.

“It’s such a good team. I think everyone in town can rest assured that there is a group of really dedicated advisers here (who) are just ready to serve, ”Wiley said.

For each of the new Councilors, while their reasons for wanting to serve on the Council will differ, ultimately the common goal is to make Strathmore a better place to live and work.

“It’s been on my to-do list ever since I worked for the Town of Strathmore when I was 20… I’m becoming a senior, I believe in Strathmore, it’s a great place to live and I want to make it a better place, ”Mitzner said.

“I felt a sense of duty and (that) it was time to serve. I have been in this city for 17 years. I love it and have been drawn to politics my whole life, ”Wiley added.

Goals between the new advisors include developing a retirement home, maintaining a post-secondary presence in Strathmore, researching the process to become a town, and building a new twin arena.

When it comes to their collective lack of experience in their new roles, each feels like they’ve started running and learning the ropes quickly, so to speak.

“I feel better now, we had a little direction regarding the Alberta Government Act. I feel a little better now than maybe a week ago, ”Wegener said.

“How the process worked was the most important thing I was nervous about and I guess anything that comes out of my wheelhouse or my comfort zone, there is always some nervous anxiety there. ”

“I think (it’s) one of those things that you don’t realize how much you don’t know until you do. Then you realize there’s a lot of learning, so there’s a big learning curve, ”Wiley said.

Despite any anxiety about the job, each advisor is confident to bring something to the table and will be an asset to the team.

“I’m a sociable person, so I think a lot of being a councilor works well in relationships – with the city people, with other councilors, with the mayor, with the CAO. I think it’s something that I bring (to the table), ”Wiley said.

“(I bring) a new vision. Some of these people tried different things for nine years. New advice is good (and) we value the knowledge from the old advice to share with us and move us forward, ”Mitzner said.

The first regular board meeting was held on November 3, following direction from the new board the week before.

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