New era in Fremantle, old Eagle rises and a recount in Perth


Contentious plans for the redevelopment of the old Subiaco market with an apartment building were approved during Ms. Taylor’s tenure, but community concerns about target areas pushed by the state government for density higher saw a new block of councilors take control of council votes.

“I am extremely proud of what I and the Board have achieved over the past four years despite the deliberate distractions and embarrassing tactics of some,” said Ms. Taylor.

The board was investigated for dysfunction by the state government last year after the departure of a former chief executive.

Rockingham Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin wears the shackles with the retirement of longtime Mayor Barry Sammels.

She has served on the board for 16 years and became its first female mayor.

Lorna Buchan was a finalist with 897 fewer votes.

A bloodless election was held in wealthy Mosman Park where Paul Shaw came unopposed to replace Brett Pollock.

Jim O’Neill in East Fremantle and Jock Barker in Claremont were both re-elected mayors without any opponents.

Lorraine Young, who had been acting mayor of Cottesloe since Phil Angers retired for health reasons, was comfortably re-elected with over 60% of the vote in her duel with former mayor Kevin Morgan.

Chilla Bulbeck, donor and member of the prominent Greens party, was also elected councilor in Cottesloe after an unsuccessful run in 2019.

Logan Howlett of Cockburn was re-elected mayor with 44% of the vote and has been the man in charge of the council for 11 years.

Former Barnett government environment minister Albert Jacob was re-elected to a second term as mayor of Joondalup with 52% of the vote.

Carine’s ousted Liberal MP Tony Krsticevic reclaimed a spot on the Stirling council after losing what was considered a safe blue ribbon seat in the booming WA election, where his party had just two politicians left to the Legislative Assembly.

Liberal candidates defeated in the March state election, Suzanne Migdale, Paul Miles, Linda Aitken and Nicole Robbins, have all been reinstated in council positions.

The new President of the Labor State of WA, Lorna Clarke, has been re-elected to Bayswater as an adviser.

West Coast Eagles inaugural coach Ron Alexander has successfully landed a job as a Vincent Town Councilor.

Mr. Alexander spent more than a decade as Managing Director of the former WA Department of Sports and Recreation before the amalgamation of various government units in 2017.

A recount took place for the Perth council on Sunday after a seven-vote difference between the fourth and fifth candidates for the last vacant post.

The declared Greens candidates do not get a seat

Formal party politics are publicly kept out of the local government elections in WA where voting is not compulsory.

But this year, the Greens have backed two candidates who ran in Stirling and Bayswater respectively.

Lucy Nicol garnered around 12% of the vote in Lawley’s Stirling Quarter for third place while Isabella’s trip came last of three for her neighborhood battle in Bayswater.

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