Nisqually Indian Tribe Selects DuPont Police Department For Local Government Funds Award – The Suburban Times

DuPont City Announcement.

The DuPont Police Department (DPD) has been selected to receive an award from local government funds of the Nisqually Indian Tribe. DPD competed for the 2021 awards program, requesting funds to purchase a new police patrol car. As a result, the Nisqually Indian Tribe provided $40,000 towards the purchase of a new 2021 Ford Police Interceptor patrol vehicle.

“While we were fortunate to receive the grant in 2021, supply chain complications resulted in a longer than expected delay in receiving the vehicle and having it fully equipped for patrol use,” said the DuPont Police Chief Doug Newman. “Now, months later, we have it ready for field use and to officially present this generous gift from the Nisqually community to the DuPont community.”

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The grant highlighted the public safety partnership between the Nisqually Indian Tribe and the DuPont Police Department. Both communities are accessible via Interstate 5, with the Nisqually Indian Reservation located in Thurston County, approximately 10 miles south of the town of DuPont. However, the tribe owns land within the city limits of DuPont. “Effective public safety is a team effort, and regional safety along the I-5 corridor takes a cooperative approach, regardless of jurisdiction. We are extremely proud to have the Nisqually Indian Tribe as one of our partners, and considering this has been the home of the Nisqually people, even before Fort Nisqually was established in 1833, makes selecting this award all the more more significant for men. and the women of the DuPont Police Department,” Newman added.

“We have a great working relationship with the DuPont Police Department,” said Nisqually Police Chief Tom Iyall. “They are always ready to help with Canoe Journey logistics when we need them in the DuPont area and an officer that Chief Newman highly recommended for our force was a great asset in training our young officers. I’m glad Nisqually was able to provide support in this way.

Newman said that award represented more than just a car. “In the current context of budgetary restrictions, we are trying to meet the needs of a growing community and department, while responsibly managing the public funds that make up our budget. This much-needed addition to our operational fleet will increase our ability to serve our community, while ensuring we have funds to apply for other necessities, such as lifesaving training and other vital equipment.

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Newman said the new police vehicle will display a unique and prominent public message as part of the car’s normal police decals. This special decal will incorporate the Tribe crest and inform the public that the vehicle was purchased with funds provided by the Nisqually Tribe, and it also highlights their commitment to regional public safety. “In summary, on behalf of the DuPont Police Department and our city, I cannot express my gratitude to the tribe enough. It is our honor to patrol the city of DuPont with a unit bearing the Nisqually tribal crest and their historic title.

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