Normal City Council Presents $ 157 Million Capital Projects

NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) – In the Twin Cities, Normal City leaders outlined capital projects for fiscal years 2021-2022 and 2026-2027.

Council approved its Community Investment Plan (CIP) on Monday evening, which prioritizes and plans the City’s capital projects.

There are over 400 projects the city has funding for and is looking to complete within six years.

The capital projects include the maintenance of roads and water pipes, as well as the improvement of parks. City Councilor Kevin McCarthy said this year staff were able to increase the amount spent on capital projects to $ 157 million, which he said is a great investment in the city.

This year, staff created an interactive system to visualize and track various projects across the city using a mapping software tool.

Residents can use the tool to see when and where road and other capital projects will take place across the city.

McCarthy said the tool allows city leaders to be more transparent with residents about projects, but also gives council insight into why projects are prioritized over others.

“Some people honestly pay very little attention to it and others pay a lot of attention to it. It’s also valuable for us as a board to try to understand where we are strategically investing in our community and what assets we are investing in, ”said McCarthy.

Over the next six years, the city plans to spend $ 65.9 million on roads, $ 29.4 million on technology upgrades, police and fire engines, etc., and $ 27 million on improvement and maintenance of the city’s water services.

One of the main road projects included in the CIP is the Underpass project which aims to connect the two parts of Uptown to each other.

All final plans for CIP projects should be approved by the board.

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