Normal property taxes will not increase as Council finances OK for new fire station

NORMAL (WJBC) – Property taxes won’t go up for normal residents as the city aims to build a new, nearly $5 million fire hall on the east side of town.

On Monday night, Normal City Council voted 5-2 to fund half the cost from a low-interest bank loan.

Normal City Council member Scott Preston said $2.5 million of the project is being funded by a 10-year loan from Busey Bank at 1.46%.

“We realized we had a major opportunity that we really need to take advantage of, to serve the people on the east side of Normal with fire protection services in a more efficient way. Above all, when you think you have Eastview Church, Normal Community, you have a retirement home far east of Normal.

According to Preston, $1.4 million of the total cost comes from the town of Normal in cash.

“The city acquired the land, and it went through the zoning process, which was several months and even about a year ago,” Scott Miller told WJBC. “Construction is expected to begin with funding starting this year, and we’ll see with supply chain concerns how long that lasts, but I think it’s something that will serve our east side residents quite well. ”

Preston said the new station would be built at the corner of Shepard and Hershey roads.

Another million dollars for the project comes from a state grant.

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