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RON BAXLEY JR. T&D correspondent

NORWAY – The City of Norway is overdue on a $58,155 bill to the Department of Public Services.

Norway’s city council discussed the issue in executive session during the March 7 Facebook Live meeting and unveiled an action plan during a special meeting on Wednesday evening March 9.

They had also discussed the use of American Rescue Act funds during the executive session at Monday’s meeting and also disclosed that plan at Wednesday’s special meeting.

A special weekend working session was also organized to discuss the two main topics.

Mayor Tracie Clemons said there were several options to pay the DPU bill, but the council was leaning towards paying it over a year and a half.

Clemons said: ‘I’m moving a motion to accept option 1 with the DPU bill, which is really overdue. Option 1 is to place the entire balance of $58,155 on a 5% installment billing scenario for 36 months.

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“It will add $1,743 to our monthly bill. … Our first payment will occur 30 days after initial approval. Our new monthly bill will be approximately $8,743,” added Clemons.

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Clemons continued, “We have also offered to use some of the second half of the ARA funds (to pay on this bill) once we receive it.”

A motion was made to accept the option and use part of the second half of the ARA funds for debt. The motion was seconded and approved.

Clemons then discussed how the funds will be used.

“We will use ARA funds to help with COVID staff incentive pay and COVID incentive pay for businesses within the city limits,” she said.

The city will also use it for the $10,000 payment for the 2014 audit mentioned at Monday’s meeting.

Clemons, further, said the funds will be used for waste management, some payroll expenses and repairs to city property.

A motion was presented and the council seconded it. Council then approved the motion. $5.99 for the first month

A motion to adjourn was then moved and seconded.

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