Pacific Beach City Council will keep its name

Pacific Beach City Council will continue to carry the name it has used for over 70 years.

Board chair Marcella Bothwell announced via email on Thursday that the group’s governance committee had decided there was a quorum at the July 20 meeting where board members voted on the issue of name change.

Bothwell said a review of the bylaws showed only 5% of members were required to attend the meeting held at St. Brigid’s Parish Hall. Therefore, with 37 votes cast among the 370 board members, a quorum was reached.

The board received 26 votes against the organization’s name change and 11 in favour.

For two years, the Pacific Beach Town Council Board of Directors has been discussing whether to change the name of the organization to potentially increase membership and transparency.

At last month’s meeting, council secretary Susan Crowers advocated changing the group’s name to Pacific Beach Community Association, as she said some PB members mistakenly believe council members are elected and were part of the city government.

Bothwell said the council’s membership committee will continue to discuss ways to minimize confusion with the city government.

“There was a great discussion about PBTC’s membership goals,” Bothwell said. “More awareness needs to be done in the PB community to increase involvement in the city we all love. Thank you to everyone who participated in this process and in this energetic discussion.

She asks those interested in getting more involved in their community to email the council at [email protected]

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