Rainelle City Council discusses dumpster locks, parking signs and more

Rainelle’s municipal council held its regular meeting on March 28. Mayor Robin Williams declared the meeting open. Locking dumpsters, parking signs, opening the pool and more filled the agenda.

Dumpsters, locks and dumpster divers were the main topics of the evening. According to a council member, some companies are concerned about dumpster divers and want to lock their dumpsters. After a brief discussion, council presented a motion to this effect. The motion, which passed unanimously, stated that business owners who wished could purchase a lock to use on their dumpster and pay a one-time fee to cover the cost of upgrading the dumpster. to enable locking. As part of the deal, business owners must have the dumpster unlocked on trash days.

The discussion then turned to parking/no parking signs and the opening of the pool for the season. According to Williams, the city hopes to open the pool on Memorial Day weekend. The pool house repairs discussed at the last meeting are complete.

Opening the pool, however, presents a challenge with parking. Pool patrons park in areas that keep City Hall employees and patrons away. As a solution, Williams designated parking spots specifically for City Hall. Parking signs will be posted in these areas.

Also, the no parking signs discussed at the previous meeting were obtained. No parking signs will go in the 14th and Pennsylvania area.

Williams said she was working to bring a tire drop-off event back to the city. She has already spoken with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). According to his statement, they hope to hold the event in September or October. The event will be for western Greenbrier County and will be in addition to the annual tire pick-up for Greenbrier County. Two days of garbage collection are also planned for the city.

A representative from the water company made a presentation at the meeting. The rep demonstrated the iron content of the water before and after it entered his filter. The results were astounding. In the two test tubes, the reactions were the opposite. He said the content entering the filter is high. However, after the filter, it is brought back to normal levels.

The mayor reminded the city that an Easter egg hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at 1:30 p.m. The location of the event is Stonerise Nursing Home on Pennsylvania Ave. For more information regarding the Easter Egg Hunt, contact the Mayor at 304-661-2883.

The Rainelle municipal council will meet again on April 11 at 7 p.m. All meetings are streamed live on Facebook.

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