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Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Council, 9-12-2022 Ethan Town Council met in regular session on September 12, 2022 at 6:04 p.m. at Ethan Town Hall. Directors present were Gregg Thibodeau, Bob Riggs, Raquel Nesheim and Jason Koch. Municipal staff present: Dave Duba and Michele Pollreisz. Absent: Megan Perry. President Thibodeau declared the meeting open and conducted the oath of allegiance. Unless otherwise indicated, all motions were carried unanimously. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion carried to add Lawn Edger to new business approved on motion by Nesheim, seconded by Koch. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the August 8, 2022 meeting were approved on motion by Riggs, seconded by Koch. No minutes from the community center. FINANCIAL REPORTS: The Finance Officer reviewed the August 2022 financial reports. PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Discussed the water loss report. The city will lead the pickup through the homecoming parade on 9/30. Discussed a low point that could be causing a water problem in a citizen’s garage that will be investigated. CITIZEN INPUT: None APPROVAL OF CLAIMS: Motion by Riggs, seconded by Koch, to approve the claims. General, Sewer, Water, Preservation and Community Center Fund * staff and council salaries – council salaries $369.39, finance salaries $2,322.46; Public Works Wages, 2945.80: Lance Bruske, deposit refund $150.00; Bill Lingemann, deposit refund $150.00; Badger Meter $50.00: card services, $163.23; Daily Republic, minutes $34.47; Dakota Pump, $550.00; Farmers Alliance, vaporize $272.80; Hanson Rural Water; water utilities $5,840.00: John Deere Financial, loan $640.51; John Deere Financial, loan of $640.51; KO Pest Control, spray $225.00; McLeods, supplies $18.84; Corner Mikes $221.88; Northwestern Energy, $1,351.05: $68.95; Santel, $134.84; Santel, $133.87; Century Business Products, copier rental $74.53; QuickBooks Payroll Services $5268.26; SD Association of Rural Water Systems, valve services $600.00; SD Health Department, $60.00 test; Department of Revenue SD $132.89; SD Retreat, $741.48: SD Retreat, $758.58; Bank of the United States, loan of $6,399.24; USDA, loan repayment $1,023.00: USDA, loan repayment $1,023.00; US Treasury, $1,389.10; US Treasury, $1,414.44; Weber sanitation, $1976.00. FORMER BUSINESS: Unlicensed Vehicles – Will notify citizens with unlicensed vehicles. If not picked up by this date, vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Railway Extension Project – Will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting. Will apply for an SD Agribusiness grant. The cameras at the ECC will be installed as soon as possible. Helping with Horsepower on September 10 – The event was a success. NEW BUSINESS: Eric from District III – Will come to our next meeting. Review of our updated policy book. Approval of the resolution for the 2023 annual budget approved on motion by Nesheim, seconded by Riggs. Complaints of dog barking within city limits – Complaints should be reported to the Davison County Sheriff’s Office. Clark Paving – Will repair the road where the water leak was previously repaired. Motion by Koch, second to Riggs. Reimbursement of tire repairs – A gift card will be purchased to reimburse the citizen for tire repairs on the town pickup approved on motion by Nesheim, seconded by Riggs. Koch abstained from voting. Edgers – Motion by Koch, seconded by Nesheim to spend $400 on edgers for use at ECC and the park. Executive session: SDL 1-25-2 (1 & 4): None. Staff Review: None The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. Motion by Riggs, seconded by Koch, to adjourn at 7:00 p.m. ________________ Michele Pollreisz Finance Officer ________________ Gregg Thibodeau President Published once at an approximate total cost of $38.85 and can be viewed for free at (21 Sep 2022) 102865

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