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RHINEBECK, NY – Races in this Dutchess County town include those of the supervisor, two city council members and a city judge.

Election day is November 2, but early voting begins on Saturday October 23 and ends on October 31.

The candidates are:


Elizabeth spinzia

Elizabeth Spinzia (supplied)

Spinizia, who is the titular supervisor first elected in 2013, is the president of the city council and the city’s chief financial officer. She holds the Democratic line on the ballot.

She said the city council has done well given the very difficult last year and a half. With one of the lowest tax rates in Dutchess County, Spinzia said he has strived to provide services that matter, having already received half of the $ 536,000 in US bailout funds. and with a very healthy fund balance thanks to good tax practices.

In Budget 2022, she said, the city will fund much of the money needed to build a soccer field and skate park at Thompson-Mazzarella Park, begin plans to renovate the city’s swimming pool, initiate the first phase of Conway School’s plans to plant sustainable landscaping in the park, rebuild a historic mausoleum and another part of the old cemetery stone wall, and undertake a major renovation of employee offices at the hotel city.

Bruce washburn

Bruce Washburn (Provided)

Washburn moved from Poughkeepsie to Rhinebeck 42 years ago, and their sons attended Rhinebeck schools. He retired from IBM after working there for 35 years. He is now an independent consultant in the private and public sectors.

Washburn holds the Republican line on the ballot.

Washburn served eight years on city council, including as an assistant supervisor for six years.

Locally, he served on the Recreation Committee, PANDA Board of Directors, coached baseball and was heavily involved in soccer for 19 years. Under his leadership, the soccer club’s travel program grew tenfold and continued to serve the community long after his departure. He currently volunteers on various projects with the American Legion and the Lions Club.

Washburn said he recognizes that the governments of the towns and villages of Rhinebeck are trying to operate as efficiently as possible, but that collective operations are ineffective because they are riddled with layoffs. Washburn said it will implement additional accounting for the actual cost of services in a timely manner.

Among other things, Washburn says he helped set up a dog park, pavilion, guide celebrations, set up bike racks and a picnic shelter.


Arnold johnsen

Arnold Johnsen (Provided)

Johnsen has resided in the Hudson Valley for over 40 years and his grandchildren are products of Rhinebeck Central Schools. Johnsen captured the GOP line on the ballot.

He served in the United States Coast Guard and is a member of the American Legion Post at Rhinebeck. A 42-year law enforcement veteran, he served 21 years in the state police, primarily in Columbia and Dutchess counties, including assignments to the Rhinebeck barracks. After that, Johnsen began a 21-year career with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as a law enforcement official.

He sits on the Board of Directors for Phase 2 of the Rhinebeck Community Gardens.

“Arnie’s professional and volunteer service has given him invaluable life experience that allows him to work effectively with people of different perspectives and viewpoints,” a campaign website said.

William mcgann

William McGann (Supplied)

McGann was born and raised in New York City, the son of a New York City police officer. He has lived in Rhinebeck for 49 years, and he and his wife of 54 years, Donna, raised their 5 sons there. McGann is on the Republican line.

McGann is a graduate of La Salle Academy and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Marquette University, where he enrolled in the Naval ROTC.

A Navy veteran, McGann has been an active member of the American Legion post in Rhinebeck for more than 35 years, most notably as a commanding officer.

Mc Gann has over 30 years of business experience in sales and marketing, working for Sun Oil Co., NCH Corporation and Williams Lumber.

He served for two years on the village council and for eight years as a city assessor. He volunteered with the Rhinebeck Little League for 20 years, including eight years as a manager, nine years as a referee and three years as the League president.

Joshua Pulver

Joshua Pulver (Provided)

Pulver, who is an incumbent during his first four-year term, holds the Democratic line on the ballot. Pulver is an architect.

Pulver said on a campaign website that he viewed “my tenure on city council as an opportunity to give back.”

Pulver said that during his first term he faced a steep learning curve in how local government works best.

“I got up to speed by participating in the day-to-day operations of cities, working on legislation and navigating unforeseen issues through a pandemic,” Pulver said. “I have been impressed by the quality and competence of our operations, the dedication and knowledge of our staff and the commitment of our City Council.

Pulver said he was involved in planning for infrastructure upgrades in “our park, working on plans for a biking and walking trail connecting the Amtrak station to the village, and started developing. is implementing the Conway School Plan to plant sustainable green landscapes in our public parks and lands. “

Chauncey Walker

Chauncey Walker (Provided)

Walker, who is serving a four-year term, has been a member of city council since 2017. He collected the Democratic line on the ballot and has owned a home in Rhinebeck for 33 years.

For several decades, he practiced law in real estate transactions for private and not-for-profit organizations.

Walker said he had led work with the New York Power Authority and Central Hudson to recently complete the conversion of our 102 street lights to modern LED lighting.

“Our new lighting provides more targeted lighting for improved safety, saves the city approximately $ 20,000 per year and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels,” Walker said in a campaign release. “I also worked on a survey of all city owned land to check the viability of Community Solar and other green projects to make us more sustainable. I want to examine New York State’s new 5G wireless technology in the hopes of being able to cover the dozens of “cell-blind” areas of the city and provide better cell service and Internet access to the city. everybody. “

City justice

Linda murray

Linda Murray (Provided)

Murray is a senior lawyer in the Poughkeepsie City Court. She is a former attorney general, prosecutor and defense lawyer. She holds the Republican line on the ballot.

Murray was born in Rhinebeck. She is the granddaughter of Irish and Italian immigrants and the youngest of six children. She is the daughter of a New York police officer.

Murray has held many volunteer and leadership roles. She has been an active volunteer with the Rhinebeck Soccer League for over ten years, Burger Hill Land Steward, a former member of the Rhinebeck Recreation Committee and a long-time volunteer with the Rhinebeck Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Murray has been a speaker for continuing legal education programs and court staff. She graduated from Pine Plains Central School and graduated with honors from Binghamton University and Albany Law School.

“As a judge for the town of Rhinebeck, I will listen to both sides and render fair and impartial decisions putting everything in the context of our guiding document: the Constitution of the United States,” Murray said on a website. the country.

Lisa E. Rubenstein

Lisa Rubenstein (Provided)

Rubenstein has lived in Dutchess County for almost four decades. She holds the lines of Democratic and working families on the ballot.

During her 35 years as a local lawyer, she has represented hundreds of people in civil and criminal cases, with a particular focus on the plight of children and families.

She now works in state courts as a judicial arbitrator and hears many types of cases, including foreclosures and divorces, in which people undergo traumatic life changes, Rubstein said. She is also legal counsel for the New York State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics and president of the Stringendo Orchestra School of the Hudson Valley, a non-profit organization that promotes music education for students.

“I have a sincere commitment to the people of this community. I believe it is the role of the courts to treat people fairly and respectfully, says Rubenstein in a campaign statement. “I am committed to bringing this commitment, this compassion and this experience to the court in the town of Rhinebeck.”

Superintendent of Highways

Robert wyant

Wyant, who holds the Democratic line on the ballot, has served as superintendent of highways for the past two years and worked for the city for 21 years. He runs without opposition.

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