Rotterdam city council opposes water meters

ROTTERDAM, NY (NEWS10) – Tensions at Rotterdam City Council’s meeting on Wednesday boiled over after the council addressed the ongoing water meter issue. The council has made it clear that it does not want water meters in its jurisdiction.

The problem came to a head after some residents received significantly higher sewer tax bills in early January. Deputy Town Supervisor Jack Dodson said they are continuing to work on a way to conserve water resources.

“We are at a crossroads where we have to make decisions,” he said. “Are we going to do leak detection and water conservation, and do we have to leave the land to measure the water? This is where all the conversation is headed.

NEWS10 previously reported that when Rotterdam renewed its water permit in 2017, it came with the condition that all customers had to be metered. In a statement, a DEC representative said the meter regulations were passed in April 2013. Over the past nine years, the state has gradually introduced cities and towns, but the DEC has never pushed them. to make the change because there was no deadline.

Rotterdam officials have said they hope to offer another way to conserve water, but it’s unclear whether the state will accept one.

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