Solon approves pay rise for city workers | local government

To align with collective agreements, Solon approved wage increases for its employees not covered by a collective agreement.

This covers approximately 140 full-time employees and approximately 100 part-time employees.

“We wanted to make sure everyone got the same raise,” Mayor Edward H. Kraus said.

The city council has approved collective bargaining agreements that set out a pattern of wage increases of up to 2.25% in 2022, with non-union staff initially receiving only 2%.

City Council approved an amendment at its last meeting revising this increase to match the approved workforce for 2022

In these three-year agreements, unionized workers negotiated an additional increase of 2.25% in 2023 and 2.5% in 2024.

“We’ll be consistent with that,” for non-negotiating staff, Mayor Kraus said.

Initial salary increases of up to 2% for non-union staff had an impact of $402,250 on the 2022 General Fund budget. The addition of 0.25% will increase the impact by approximately $50,000 .

The city has a general fund operating budget of $41.4 million for 2022.

In 2021, unionized and non-unionized employees received a 2.5% increase. In 2020, they received a 2.25% increase. In the same year, the city suffered a loss of revenue of $3 million due to the pandemic.

Salary increases are contingent on each employee receiving a comprehensive annual performance review from their respective manager, Chief Financial Officer Matthew Rubino said.

There is also no change in 2022 in salary scales, Rubino added.

The ordinance approved for this year also authorizes an appropriation of up to $15,000 for the mayor to make one-time merit-based payments to full-time employees, provided the payments do not exceed $1,500 per employee. Eligibility for one-time merit payments will be determined by a review committee consisting of the mayor, director of finance, director of human resources, a member of city council, and a department head other than the department head. ’employee.

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