Superior City Council Approves Ordinances Changing Building Codes for Hometown

The Upper City Council voted Monday to approve more flexible building codes in the Hometown.

At its regular meeting, the council voted unanimously to approve two ordinances relating to changing building codes, specifically in the Hometown.

In Original Town, 100 homes were destroyed in the Marshall Fire, and through a city-led survey, fire victims have expressed a desire for more flexibility in the rebuilding process.

Residents specifically wanted more flexibility with house height, setbacks, density, and other development standards.

The survey also reflected residents’ desire for the flexibility to build an additional living unit, or ADU, before their home was built.

The first ordinance passed will change setbacks for homes located in low- and medium-density residential neighborhoods.

Under the new ordinance, setbacks will be reduced from 25 feet to 20 feet for front-loading garages and 15 feet for residential living spaces. A more complete list of setbacks as amended under Order Number O-3 can be found at

“I think that’s exactly the kind of flexibility that Original Town needs,” Mayor Clint Folsom said of the modified setback measures. “These long rectangular courts are really special. Having that space between the house and the garage – those are big yards. We had one, and it was really good, so I think it’s a big improvement to our code.

The second ordinance passed, Ordinance O-4, will allow ADUs to be built before the main living unit (or house) is built.

The board will discuss concerns about rebuilding the Sagamore neighborhood at a special meeting on April 14.

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