The draft redistribution plans are presented to the city council on Tuesday

It has been just over two years since the town of Davis officially transitioned from general elections to district elections for members of city council.

Meanwhile, the city selected a map of five districts based on 2010 census data and held an election in 2020 where representatives from three of those districts were chosen.

Now, with an election for the two remaining districts in November, the council must choose a new map based on data from the 2020 census.

Two draft maps will be presented to council on Tuesday, both of which make minimal changes to the current district boundaries.

The main purpose of creating the new maps was to account for population growth in District 3, now home to The Cannery, which did not exist when the 2010 census was taken.

Currently represented by Vice-Mayor Lucas Frerichs, District 3 was home to most of the city’s population growth during this decade, from 14,281 inhabitants in 2010 to 15,676 inhabitants in 2020.

Meanwhile, District 2 in the west, represented by City Councilor Will Arnold, has experienced a decline in population, possibly because the census was taken during the pandemic when fewer students were possibly be in town.

Either way, the most significant changes in the map projects presented to council on Tuesday involve moving the North Davis neighborhoods from District 3 to District 2.

Other changes include the expansion of District 1, represented by Councilor Dan Carson, further east to further include the Central Davis neighborhood west of Sycamore Lane and the relocation of Aggie Village from District 5 to district 3.

District 4, currently represented by Mayor Gloria Partida, would not see any boundary changes on the two draft maps. The district of Partida, as well as that of Carson, will be in the November ballot.

Option B, of the two draft voting cards to be submitted to Davis City Council. Courtesy graphic

The city is encouraging community members to provide feedback on the draft maps, which were posted on the city’s website last week. They can be viewed at and comments can be emailed to [email protected]

The deadline for providing comments is January 20.

Members of the public, as well as members of the council, will also be able to speak on Tuesday at a public hearing.

Previous public hearings were held in November and December and the council is expected to make a final decision in February.

Tuesday’s city council meeting will begin at 6.30 p.m. and will also include the following items on the agenda:

* Consideration of a housing development project on Pole Line Road.

Last month, the Planning Commission recommended approval of Infill Project 715 East, which would convert currently vacant land on the Pole Line south of Eighth Street into a neighborhood of 30 townhouses for sale. The site was once occupied by the Sierra Health Care Center which was abandoned several years ago and more recently demolished.

* Consideration of a project to purchase a lifting ladder truck for the Davis Fire Department.

One-time capital expenditure planned for the fire apparatus and associated equipment is approximately $ 2.15 million.

Tuesday’s board meeting will be held remotely and can be accessed in the following ways:

* Broadcast live on the City of Davis Government Channel 16 (available to those who subscribe to cable television)
* Live stream online at
* Via Zoom on

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