The draw could decide the Isleton City Council race

ISLETON – It’s all connected in a small town in Sacramento County. Just over a week after the midterm elections, Isleton has a city council seat up for grabs, and candidates David Kent and Aleida Suarez have exactly the same number of votes.

So how will this be decided?

“I care a lot more about serving than winning,” Kent said.

The two candidates each have 50 votes.

“I just want to make sure it comes out honestly,” Kent said.

Isleton is two square miles and is home to around 700 people, most of whom are children who cannot vote – but the candidates plan to represent everyone. However, it is unclear when anyone will win.

“It’s not even clear what’s related. Didn’t people vote?” Kent asked.

CBS13 reached out to Isleton City Manager Chuck Bergson, who said residents will have to wait for now.

“We called the County Elections Office. Across the county there are over 140,000 [ballots] yet to count. We believe there are several ballots from the town of Isleton in there,” he said.

The Sacramento County Office of Elections will have until early December to certify all votes, by which time Isleton could have a clear winner — but if not, what’s next?

“It’s completely unprecedented. I don’t think anyone has any idea,” Kent said.

In the event of a tie, California state election code 15651 says jurisdictions have options, including holding a runoff, which would cost Isleton, or summoning both candidates to city hall to launch a tie. room.

The city manager said a second round would probably be the best option, but could cost more. Whatever decision is made, Bergson said it would be fair.

“We believe in the electoral system. The city has had elections for 100 years,” Bergson said.

We contacted Suarez several times for this story. We had no news at the time of publication.

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