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Psychologist, author and podcaster Susie Pearl insists that we should try to keep resolutions focused because they can greatly improve our health, well-being, and relationships.

NORMAL – Normal City Council will begin the year by considering a new facility that aligns with a common New Year’s resolution: to improve health and fitness.

On Tuesday, the council will consider participating in the national fitness campaign, which includes the installation of an outdoor “fitness ground” open year-round.

The campaign works with cities, schools and businesses on a mission to build these outdoor fitness grounds “within a 10-minute bike ride of every American,” according to the National Fitness Campaign website.

The fitness field includes a full body exercise fitness functional circuit training system designed for adults and accommodates various skill levels and abilities, according to council documents prepared by city staff.

The tribunal costs $ 140,000 plus installation and preparation costs estimated at $ 40,000. The National Fitness Campaign awarded the city a grant of $ 25,000 and “will help the city identify additional funding sources for sponsorships to offset the cost of the project.”

City staff said site preparation and installation would be completed by the city, estimating that it would take a budget of $ 20,000 for materials to be included in the 2022-2023 budget.

The campaign initially contacted city staff in 2019, but the pandemic and other priorities stalled the concept.

The council will vote on Tuesday on whether to continue the project, accept the grant and seek additional funding.

Once funding has been identified, the purchase of the fitness field will be presented to council for approval.

City staff said they aim to finalize the project by June, begin installation by the end of the summer, and wrap up in the fall of this year.

In other cases, council will consider a resolution authorizing the city’s participation in a settlement of a national class action lawsuit regarding the opioid crisis.

Several state and local governments have filed lawsuits against several opioid distributors, including McKesson, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and Janssen Johnson & Johnson’s parent company as a manufacturer.

Normal was not a party to the lawsuit and did not fund the litigation.

The parties to the lawsuit have reached a proposed settlement that allows states and other entities to enter into the settlement agreement to receive funds, totaling up to $ 26 billion nationwide, according to the number of participating states and municipalities.

Illinois could receive around $ 790 million and Normal could receive around $ 281,000 over 18 years. Most of the money is to be used for opioid decontamination programs.

Bloomington City Council voted last month to participate in the settlement and the city could receive about $ 479,000 over nine years.

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