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Four candidates will work for the advancement of all students

Public education is a collective good. It is one of the only places in our society where we must all work together for the success of each of our students, regardless of their cultural or economic background. Look beyond the divisive issues of the day to predict whether the candidates for the Thompson Education Council will go out of their way to stand up for every student.

Four candidates believe that education is an individual commodity. Three worked for, sent their children to charter schools, or homeschooled them. The fourth, when she said she was concerned about the finances of the district, was invited to sit on the district budget committees. She refused and instead developed her own alternative financial information system. None of them volunteered in any meaningful way in our neighborhood schools. Their actions suggest more division, polarization and privatization.

Doran, Roberts, Lessem and Kruse have volunteered thousands of hours in our schools. Their children attend neighborhood schools. They advocate for programs that help students access education emotionally, physically and mentally. They supported the expansion of pupils’ access to preschool and vocational and technical education. Their actions suggest that they will work for the advancement of all students, regardless of race or zip code. Thank you for supporting them.

Andrew Crisman

Land of love

Keep partisanship, big business out of local elections

Having been a resident of Loveland since 1967 and never writing a letter to the editor, I am so saddened to do so now.

Our local elections for school board and board were non-partisan, locally and personally funded, and fairly competitive. Our board and advice have had different perspectives and have flourished by not being controlled by a group but by having the right balance. It has changed and has become a political price for some.

This year, many decided to announce their political party, praised the Republican Party’s costly publicity, and ignored the city’s charter on campaigns without guilt or consequences.

When the required financial statements were made public, it was evident that the mayor running for mayor had received donations from local developers, corporations and businesses, and it was shocking to see the massive sums used to earn. Check it out!

Buying an election leads to more corruption in politics and less action for the average citizen.

Think when you vote this time! It could change this city forever into something we don’t want.

Mallorie Owens

Land of love

Your vote counts

To vote or not to vote? It should not be the question.

Your vote makes a difference for those with whom you agree and for those with whom you disagree. The only question is: who are you going to support?

If you vote for the candidate who most reflects your beliefs, then it is positive for you and your beliefs. If you don’t vote, your non-vote supports the candidate you disagree with.


Doing nothing really counts in the outcome of the election.

Some school board candidates supported by teachers will support the wake up the agenda that all white people, including babies, are prejudiced against people of color, and that boys who say they are girls should go to the bathroom with the girls, play sports with girls and share the same changing room. Is this what you want for the children in our community?

Some mayoral / council candidates support our cops and bring more good jobs to Loveland, and some less.

If you say you are a Christian, will you be supporting like-minded candidates or their opponents who are really your opponents?

Do not be so celestial in spirit that you are not an earthly good one.

Vote your faith.

John tindall

Land of love

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