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Erik Mullett (left) and Chuck Nettesheim (right) are running for a seat on the Oconomowoc City Council on April 5.

CITY OF OCONOMOWOC – Erik Mullett and Chuck Nettesheim are vying April 5 for a seat on city council.

Below, the two candidates filled out a questionnaire in which they were given 100 words to answer each question. Some answers have been edited for more length.

What made you decide to run for the seat and what makes you a good candidate for the role?

Erik Mullet: I see so many opportunities in Okauchee: a beautiful lake, wonderful bars, restaurants and businesses, with a small town atmosphere and amazing people. We have a unique base for a community that is safe, fun, and people like to call home. We moved here because of “life” that this community offers, and I believe that we do not maximize or support the responsible development of this area. For 20 years I owned and operated businesses; I learned that if you don’t evolve, you decline.

Drawing on my experiences, I am committed to working with the city, keeping our communities safe and fun, while growing responsibly.

Chuck Nettesheim: I was born and raised in the city. A resident suggested I show up for the open seat, so I felt it was time to give back to my community. Growing up on a dairy farm taught me the core values ​​of hard work, respect for each other, living within our means and community Pride.

Over the years I have spoken/listened to residents/neighbors about their concerns and would love to be a voice for them. The city has made great improvements over the past few years and I would love to be part of the future.

If you are elected, what are your priorities for the city?

Mullet: While maintaining a safe and fun community, I will protect the rights of individuals from government excesses and be fiscally responsible. Many communities struggle with budgets, ours is no exception. The answer cannot be to simply raise taxes, you have to look for other solutions. That being said, it is imperative that we execute a long-term development plan for responsible growth in our community. We need to work with the Town of Oconomowoc to execute our sewer REC plan that protects our lakes and supports the responsible development of our business districts. At the same time, we must integrate, protect our borders.

Nettesheim: The Town of Oconomowoc represents a diverse community of dairy farms, mini-farms, agricultural crops, horse boarding, country houses, sprawling subdivisions, lake houses and small businesses.

Keeping our community safe is a top priority, along with maintaining the standard maintained roads and keep the city budget, not raise taxes.

To help ensure that city funds remain properly allocated. Assess departmental costs to avoid tax increases.

Maintain improvements to our downtown community, keeping the community strong so small businesses can thrive or get started.

What programs or initiatives are most important to you? Which of these priorities should the city focus on and why?

Mullet: I believe the major initiatives facing our city are the incorporation and execution of the REC sewer plan. Incorporation will protect our borders from further annexation by surrounding communities, leading to loss of tax revenue and ultimately shifting this burden onto residents and/or at the expense of reduced services. At the same time, without an effective sewer plan, attracting developers becomes very difficult. As our community grows and requests from all audiences services increase, we need to create additional tax revenue through responsible business district development to avoid higher costs for taxpayers.

Nettesheim: With rising food and fuel prices, some families of our city dwellers are struggling. We must work to maintain our city’s budget without jeopardizing our communities safety and roads. The city also needs to work closely with Western Lakes Fire on ways to minimize costs without significantly increasing taxes. Working in the private sector for 40 years, companies have had to adapt to the ups and downs of the economy. So I’m used to working with a budget and creative solutions to problems.

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