Ulster City Council closes public hearing on proposed car lot on Hurley Avenue – Daily Freeman

CITY OF ULSTER, NY – The City Council has closed a public hearing on Moe’s Motor Cars proposed storage lot and assigned the applicant certain tasks for him as part of the approval process.

The contentious hearing was held in a hybrid in-person and videoconference format, with plaintiff Mohammad Waheed continuing to strike an adversarial tone in response to criticism of a plan that calls for up to 62 cars on a 205-foot lot on 216.9 feet at 454 Hurley Ave.

“As far as the benefits to the community where there are no employees…but that’s why I hire guys from outside,” he said. “I can’t go far to wash my cars, it must be close.”

Waheed said the cars would be stored at the site until they were sold via online advertising or online appointments were made for potential customers to visit the location.

Waheed also brought his previous experience buying and selling for-profit property in the City of Kingston to counter concerns that the proposed venture would hurt property values.

“We just have to stop talking about property value,” he said. “If I lower the value of the property, I lose money. … I don’t make money if I degrade or devalue your neighborhood. We don’t understand that.

This was the third session of the public hearing, which attracted three speakers who renewed arguments that the proposed venture did not match the neighboring residential properties or the two churches.

“I believe it is (out of) character for the largely residential neighbor in which we exist and it provides no service or benefit to the community,” said Reverend Henry Albrechtsen, of Good Lutheran Church. Shepard.

Albrechtsen said the proposal to delay Sunday work hours until noon was appreciated, but the Good Shepard congregation was also involved in activities during the week that could be affected.

“We still think we need some sort of protection between the two properties,” he said.

Supervisor James Quigley said after the meeting that there had been intensive discussions with Waheed over the past week about the need to comply with regulations involving car dealerships. He added that among the issues not addressed in the application was whether the planned office trailer meets state code.

“We described a path for him through those gaps,” he said. “He chose to argue the shortcomings.”

Among the requirements would be a building or trailer equipped with toilets and running water, connection to the existing septic tank, that the proposed office trailer be representative of the character of the neighborhood, improvement of the fencing and landscaping and creating a greater setback from the road for the vehicle storage area.

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